Continued WIP: The Picnic Dress

Thanks so much for all of your great comments last week!

Many of you ultimately came to the same conclusion as I did: That as long as I’m giving credit, it’s all good. But I was surprised that many of you felt that it was no big deal using the same fabric since it was a different pattern and all of my handiwork going into it.

I really appreciate all of you who chimed in. Makes me feel much better knowing I’m not alone.

I’m sooo close to finishing this dress, it’s pretty crazy. It really pays to be motivated on what you’re working on as it really speeds up the whole process of creating.

I would actually be done now, but there’s some small fit issues I have to address which means unpicking some seams and restitching things.

I have such a narrow shoulder area that I’ve had to remove upwards of 5 inches and it’s still gaping at the bust. Craziness!

So once I gather my bodice/bust tighter and restitch, I just have the dreaded hem to complete and it’s wearable.

One change I made from before was my back panel piece; the back center seam/zipper opening wasn’t matching and was really starting to bug me. So I went and re-cut a new piece and stitched it together before applying the zipper. It looks sooo much better, don’t you think?!

Much better than this, no?!

Well…. sadly that’s all I have to share for today.  I’ve been stitching up a storm but the weather has been so crappy in Chicago that I have yet to go out and take photos of anything.  I have a whole slew of garments that have been completed, so please think happy weather thoughts for me this weekend.



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