Knitted Loveliness: Series 1

Hey guys!  After recently seeing a great finished garment from one of the patterns I posted up, I knew I had to share it with you all.

As you may have seen, my post is called Series 1.  I’d love to do some more of these posts in the future whenever you finish up a pattern that I’ve posted so we can all see your loveliness and hard work.  Plus, I always thinks it helps to see other knitted projects in real life, and not just from the pattern booklet.

The gal who’s vintage jumper has prompted these reflections is Harriet Bazley, a knitter and seamstress from the UK:

She knit up the Bias-Knit Sweater Pattern that you all so dearly love.  And what’s even more wonderful is that she added colorful stripes all from using her stash down to the last yard (or meter if you will).  Before I go on, this woman consistently makes such awesome, vintage knits; I’m always in awe of her projects.

Harriet added vintage buttons down the center back of the neckline also:

Doesn’t her jumper look amazing?!

What’s more is that if you’re pondering knitting this up for your very own, Harriet has written up her instruction notes on her Ravelry page, and also had a few more tips to share with me (that I’m sharing with you).

I didn’t find any errors while working through the pattern.

The only clarification I would add is that when working the back:

*   BACK:  Work same as front to beg of neck shaping ending on wrong
*   Next row: Work to center

You need to cast off 2 stitches as before at the beginning of the ‘work to centre’ row:  in other words you include this ‘half-row’ in the regular shoulder-edge shaping.

I think this is probably reasonably self-evident if you are working the back neck shaping after having already done the corresponding front neck:  due to unforeseen circumstances I did them in reverse order and hence puzzled over this point for a while.

After seeing Harriet’s bias knit jumper, I found out that two other gals have also recently finished up knitting patterns that I’ve posted.

Louise (who lives in Ireland) just made up the Striped Yoke Jumper pattern, one of my earliest pattern posts:

I would never have thought to do this color combination and I love it! (Click here to see her Ravelry project page.)

Louise decided to omit the turn-under hem and added the classic ribbing instead, and she even added it to the neckline as well to keep it consistent.  :)

Some of her thoughts:

Despite the somewhat quirkesque fit I like it. It keeps me lovelily toasty despite those short sleeves, I’ve worn it with and without a long sleeved tee underneath.

The pattern is written to be shaped in at the natural waist and then swing way out for those kimono sleeves. It could possibly do with being a smidge longer, although that could just be part of its vintage charm, i don’t think 50?s ladies wore their jeans at the same level as me!

I have a propensity to knit my jumpers to *whatever length* my current whim is, and I consistently forget to check the waistlines on my skirts/trousers that I’ll be wearing the jumper with to plan according.  Always a great thing to keep in mind.

Last but not least Meredith from New York, aka withoutamap, just sent me her Ravelery linked project for the Striped Jumper Pattern:

I love the color green she choose, don’t you?!  And the long sleeve and shawl collar look so toasty warm for the winter chill ahead.  This pattern is always on my to-do list, but other things keep popping up, so I love that Meredith made it!  :)

Meredith’s thoughts on the pattern:

The underarms ended up a little too baggy & the shoulders are a little too wide for the slightly too-small sleeve caps, but it fits well enough. You can see in the original picture that the shoulders look a bit too wide as well, so maybe that’s the look they were going for?

I did notice that the pattern sleeves seemed a bit wide at the upper bicep area, I was just assuming they were going for a pseudo-dolman-bodice look.  Either way, it’s good food for thought if you’re pondering knitting this one up.

If you want to read more about any of these gal’s jumpers or other projects they’ve done, click on any of the links and you should find what you’re looking for.  Also, please don’t forget to share your finished projects with me: just post a comment or a link, or even the contact form so I can share them with everyone.  :)

Aaaaand since tomorrow is Friday, you can expect to find a new vintage pattern posted, just like always.  :)  Don’t forget you can always request certain era or types of patterns just by leaving me a comment and I’ll try my best to accommodate you.

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