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August 24

Striped Jumper

Today’s pattern freebie comes from the August 1955 edition of Stitchcraft magazine.  This is one of my favorites and has been on my to-do list for quite some time.

Click on the following link to download the pattern as a free pdf: Striped Jumper Pattern.

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I love everything about this pattern: the shawl collar, the wide ribbing at the hem, & of course the stripes.  While the original pattern was done in a green and white stripe, true to form, all I can see this in is a dove grey and white (or a navy and white stripe).

This pattern is multi-sized for the three following sizes: 32-33, 34-35, 36-37 referring to the bust circumference in inches.  The pattern uses a fingering weight yarn with a gauge of 8 sts per inch and 10 rows per inch with stockinette stitch.

What’s great about the stripes on this jumper is that it’s not a single row but 2 rows of the contrast stripe color additionally 1 row is knit and the second row is purled, so it ends up giving the stripe a raised texture.  Neat huh?!

If you don’t like the striped design on this one… you could always knit the whole thing in a solid color which would look great or you could even just do the ribbing sections in a contrasting color from the main body.  I love how relaxed and easy this jumper looks.  One of these days I’ll cast on for it seeing as how I already bought yarn for it quite some time ago.  :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  As always feel free to leave a comment as to what kind of pattern you’d like to see me post up next.  (Men’s wear, socks, mittens, coats, more jumpers?)

  1. Jane / Aug 24 2012

    SO CUTE!!!!!! Great, now I have two sweaters I have to get going on!

  2. agirlinwinter / Aug 24 2012

    Ooooh that’s a lovely pattern, thanks for sharing!

  3. Rachel / Aug 24 2012

    Oh this one is lovely- and it’s post came in early enough to remind me to post mine LOL I love how narrow the stripe is :)

  4. Emma / Aug 24 2012

    That is lovely! I can’t stop imagining it in a navy (or dark royal blue) and creamy white, myself.

  5. meredith / Aug 24 2012

    This is so great! I know I think that about every knitting pattern you post here (btw, thanks for always being so generous, you’re amazing, seriously) and then I never seem to get around to them but this time I really mean to cast on. The shawl collar is exactly what I’m craving for fall, and your timing couldn’t be better!

    • meredith / Nov 14 2012

      I don’t know if you want to see one of your generous pattern scans made up as real knitting, but I’ve finally finished this one! (can be viewed here:

  6. Jen / Aug 24 2012

    Oh, how pretty! The collar is perfect.

  7. Stephanie / Aug 25 2012

    So cute! My brain instantly picked dusty rose with white stripes for the color combo but then again, I have loads of dusty rose things in my 50s wardrobe. :)

  8. Rachel / Aug 27 2012

    this one is LOVELY!

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