New Glasses Conundrum

I hope you guys don’t mind that I always turn to you all when I can’t make a decision.

My newest indecision is glasses.  I went to the eye doctor the other day and after much trial and error we narrowed it down to two different frames.

Felix and I both had our eyes dialated so it was hard to come to any kind of decision when we were at the eye doctors and he suggested that I ask you guys.  (The dilation also made it difficult for Felix to take flattering pictures of me as well!)  heh

I wanted to say that when I was at the eye doctor I was leaning towards the red frames, but after seeing these images of myself, I’m now less certain.

Cat-eye, rimless Red Frames:


Slight cat-eye, classic Tortoise Frames:

Sorry about the glare and super-close images!  Felix couldn’t see properly….

I like the sassiness of the red frames and they would pair perfectly when I wear red lipstick.  But on the other hand the tortoise frames have a bit of the chic librarian that I also like.

Which is your favorite?


While I would like to make your vote the deciding factor,  it’s such a big decision I do want to be able to make the final decision one way or the other. (I like free will in this instance.)  But  I can tell you that your thoughs will heavily weight my decision!!!  :)

Thanks everyone!  I have left the voting open for one week and will let you know which were the winning frames.

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