Quick Shoutout to the Gertie

I was totally stoked when my copy of Gertie’s book arrived at my office yesterday.  I had pre-ordered it quite some time ago and it arrived ahead of schedule.

As I was putting up a twitter post I happened to see that Gertie herself had also put up a post about a new launch of 2 patterns from Butterick!  Can you believe it?!

I’ve been following Gertie even before I knew how to sew.  Honestly she’s one of the main reasons why I took up sewing in the first place.  I loved how she was making all of her own vintage-inspired clothing and I wanted to do the same thing. 

I feel like I new her before she was “big”.  But even so, I think I started following her when she had around 500 followers (which is still quite big, I know).  I’ve done a few sew-alongs with her, my favorite being the Lady Grey, tailored Coat.  She actually got me loving coat-making & hand stitching by just this one project.  So for her to have a book out and her own pattern line (& doing lots more) is just the coolest thing to me.

At 8:30pm last night, I was so stoked to hear that she had 2 patterns out, I literally speed-walked to my car to get to my local Jo-Ann’s store before they closed at 9pm to pick them up.  Sadly they didn’t have it in stock yet, so I dragged myself back home and bought them online which is what I should have done in the first place.

I decided against her dress pattern, which is lovely, I just don’t think the dropped sleeves would be able to *stay* on my narrow shoulders without me tugging at them every 3 minutes.  But the coat!!!  I instantly fell in love with her coat pattern.

This is Butterick 5824, which is on sale (which ends today!!! 8/24/2012):

Here’s the line drawing also since the blue is a bit dark:

Shawl collar, dolman sleeves & swingy skirt….oh my!  What’s even better is that I already have 2 coating materials in my stash.  Hopefully I have enough yardage for the full skirt.  Gertie’s coat pattern has me itching to make this up in time for this fall/winter.

The patterns are priced at $2.88 but will soon be set at $19.95.  So if you love either of these patterns, be sure to nab them up today before the sale is over.

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