Stitchcraft Beach Bag and Sandals Pattern

Today I have something a bit different for you all.  With the heat wave that is affecting most of us, I decided what could be more perfect than a coordinating beach bag and sandals pattern.  Today’s pattern comes from the June 1949 edition of Stitchcraft.

So, you thought that only Zoe can make her own summery sandals?!  heh

Okay…to be honest, I’m not sure how much these sandals would hold up beyond the beach… but it’s fun to dream right?!  Tell me these wouldn’t be adorable with a sarong skirt/dress.

Here’s a semi-blurry detail of the sandals:


Click on the following link to download the Beach Bag and Sandals Pattern via pdf: Sandals and Beach Bag Pattern.


Truthfully, I’m not as jazzed about the beach bag as I am about the sandals.  I’m more of a picnic basket kind of girl or a basic tote carrying lady.  :)  But I think these little sandals are the cutest.  I’ve often seen sandals similar to these ones in old photographs and wondered about them.  Little did I know that ladies may have just been making them at home instead of buying them in a shop.  One benefit is that they’re sure to fit perfectly.

The instructions aren’t as thorough as you may hope, but with a bit of creativity these could easily be made today.  The materials you’d need: sash cord for the sole (ie window sash cord similar to this), raffia for the shoe border, cretonne fabric for front ties (now similar to a durable, heavier weight cotton fabric), and 2 colored innersoles (unspecified).

The directions aren’t very clear with the innersoles, but I think you could do whatever you liked on this one.  I’m thinking you could use the same fabric as your tie, but stitch it to some mega heavy-weight interfacing material so it would have a bit of cushioning.  Or perhaps a simple felt cutout of your foot.


As always, drop me a line if you’d like me to post up a particular type (or era) of pattern.  I’m going to keep scouring my summer magazines since the heat just won’t let up.  Seriously… it got to 104 today!  It’s terribly hot… I keep taking showers to cool off.  heh

Hope you guys have a pleasant weekend and stay cool!

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