Organizing my fabric stash

This whole week I’ve been puttering around my sewing projects.  I’ve made minimal progress on them but in an effort to remain productive, since I’m only happy when I’m doing things, I resorted to organizing.

Monday, April 30th I decided it was high time to organize my closet and make way for MMM.  I went through and folded all of my stray tops, put back the shoes, and I moved all of the me-made items towards the front of my closet.  I was buried in my closet for at least 1.5 hours. 

It’s now been three days since I organized my closet and I’m still breathing a sigh of relief when I have to go in and get dressed in the morning; it’s so clean and tidy I can find everything I need within a few seconds.

On a whim, I decided to count how many pieces I had made that were in my closet.  I found I had made 5 sewn blouses (with 6 knitted tops), 18 skirts, and some 5-8 dresses.  I knew I was lacking in blouses but the ratio of blouses to skirts is crazy!!!  I have to get on that major wardrobe gap!  I’ve never participated in Zoe’s challenges since I didn’t think I had enough garments to wear.  Truthfully I had no idea I would have enough for May.  Now that I’ve counted, I’m debating trying to push myself to never wear the same thing twice all month, while still wearing 1 me-made piece a day. 

When I resurfaced from my bedroom closet I had intended on starting up the next SW sewing challenge, but I was feeling *mehh*.  What did I do instead you may ask…. I did some more organizing.

My fabric closet has been sadly needing an overhaul and I got down to it.

This closet is technically my our coat closet.  There are coats in there, but the majority of the space is fabric.  I had fabric oozing out of my our closet and I know it’s because things are disorganized. 

Do you guys see those two knit fabrics at the front (the red and the navy blue)?!  I’m slowly gearing up to use these. 

I don’t have handy bins to store things, I have everything on hangers.  I find it keeps the wrinkles at bay and I can even put multiple fabrics of similar types on the same hangar to be more efficient with my space.

Another hour or so later I emerged from this closet, happy as a clam.

This is my fabric stash, in its entirety.

On the far left I have some coats, unfinished items along with my special vintage fabrics that I’ve had professionally cleaned and staying dust free in their garment bags.

There is no rhyme or reason to the fabrics on the top vs the bottom racks.  There’s a small shelf in between the clothing racks that I have some fabrics folded (my 2 knits) along with all of my interfacing and organza.

Besides the fact that my closet was disorganized and needed some attention, I find that I’m unable to work on anything (sewing, blogging, knitting, etc.) if my space gets too overwhelmed with stuff and clutter.  I can work for a little while but eventually there’s an invisible tipping point where I have to stop and take charge to put things back in their proper place.

Do you guys have this to or is it just me?  I know the topic has been talked about before, but how do you all organize your fabrics?  Hangers, bins, grocery bag?

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