My ‘new’ Sewing Room

I’ve been on vacation from work during the last week of December and got a bunch of stuff done, the main thing being the overhaul of my sewing room (aka dining room).

In the rest of my apartment, cool tones are quite prominent and I believe this is the first room that now has a warm tone, and I absolutely love it!  It’s the perfect shade of coral for this room.  Initially I wanted something a bit darker, but even the mid-tones of coral were competing with the reddish-brown woodwork so I picked a lighter shade that felt toned-down while still looking coral.  The shade I used is Sweet Nectar from Behr.

Here I am mid-stream in my painting gear:

Do you see how red/auburn the woodwork is?! It was quite a challenge to find the perfect shade that would work…  This image came from Felix’s blog in which he captured some images of the room as I was in the middle of painting.

Not only did I paint the walls, but I also decided to spray paint some of my metal containers that house some of my sewing notions.  I found I couldn’t stop there and also decided that I wanted to do a major re-organization of everything in this room (every surface, nook and cranny got overhauled).  While I’m not fully done with the room, I was able to make decent headway during my Christmas vacation.

Here’s the final result:

I don’t think my dining room has ever been this pretty, clean & organized before!

After picking out my coral shade I came across this color palette on pinterest and was inspired to try and incorporate some of these hues:

I tried spray-painting one of my containers a lime green (but the shade was NOT good).  So far I have only been able to incorporate the blues & teals, but I’d like to get a bit more charcoal and a darker, contrasting coral color incorporated into the space.

Starting with some detail shots, going from left to right:

The bookshelf on the far left I have (top down) are my sewing books:

Stitchcraft magazines, pressing tools, and some of my yarn stash:

What’s great is that this shelf isn’t quite full yet so I have a bit of space to grow into.

My mantel has all of my fun, cute things:

Vintage owl planter, my fancy-birds wedding cake topper created by my mom and my automatic buttonholer:

Three new Christmas gifts from two of my sisters: the perfect vase from Stacey and more bird items from Katie.

The bookshelf on the right houses most of my sewing notions.

At the top I have a clear glass container with all of my trims so I can find everything easily.

Next to that are three containers with random notions (soon to be labeled).

The clear glass container on the 2nd shelf has zippers and a few trims and in the image (below) are the insides of the cream container with all of my smaller notions (machine needles, machine feet, hooks & eyes, snaps, sewing needles, bobbins, and much more.

In the opposite corner of the room I have my dining room hutch and a built-in bookcase that houses all of my sewing patterns:

I have all of my patterns organized by general eras (40’s, 50’s, etc.) as well as types of garments (separates or dresses).  Having everything out and in clear protective envelopes makes finding the perfect pattern a cinch, and I love going through them all for for both motivation & day-dreaming.

In the top shelf of the hutch I have all of my threads, pins, scissors, marking tools and other odds and ends:

I was debating removing everything from this drawer to put on my bookshelf but this drawer is right behind my sewing machine so I opted to keep it where it is.

From a different angle you can see where my sewing machine is in respect to the hutch.

Having my machine at the end of the table provides gives me the best view in the apartment: a straight shot of the bun-room (aka sun room)!!!  :)

Baxter is right up front by her water dish and Quincy is underneath the chair in the far corner.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to finally have a pretty and also organized sewing space.  I do wish the space were 100% mine (since it’s also the dining room) but I really can’t complain.  Especially since my awesome husband let me paint this room to my own liking (and the poor guy only sees it now as the pink room).  heh

I’ll leave you guys with a great “before” shot of how disorganized it once was:

(Felix caught me as I was doing some sewing-research.)

Let’s hope I can keep things nice and tidy from now on and *YAY* to the pretty coral-color that is now my sewing room!  :)

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