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April 4

Fashion Faux Pas

I haven’t been doing anything but lounging the last 2 evenings, so today’s post is a quick one.

I’m not certain how it happened, but as I was walking to the train to go to work I noticed I had done something silly…

I’m VERY matchy-matchy!  I’ve been wearing my minoru jacket for the past 2 weeks, so I didn’t even stop to think about coordinating my jacket with the rest of my outfit.

I used the remnants of my Minoru Jacket to sew up my Jenny Pinafore, and never thought twice that this faux pas would ever happen.   To some, I’m sure I look wonderful and coordinate ever so well.  But for me, this is a no-no.  I like to match like the rest of the population, but I look like Unibody-Liz.  heh

I had Felix snap a picture of me en-route to work to have proof of my outfit-misconduct.  :) 

What’s the craziest thing you’ve guys ever done, fashion-wise, without realizing till it was too late?

  1. Ginger / Apr 4 2012

    I get up for work much earlier than my husband does, so I’m often dressed and gone before he wakes up. We’ve had a couple of occasions when we’ve dressed separately in the morning and met up later without realizing that we were wearing basically identical outfits… cringe…

  2. Trice / Apr 4 2012

    Usually it’s me wearing something backwards or inside out.

    • Liz / Apr 5 2012

      heh I’ve caught my coworkers (one in particular) with inside out clothes before. :)

  3. Meg / Apr 4 2012

    HA! Love it! I’ve done that before, and what’s more is that sometimes Rob and I dress the same and I don’t notice until we go outside. Ah, matchy matchy :) I feel like there needs to a tumblr just for that!

    • Liz / Apr 5 2012

      That is funny… I’ve caught Felix wearing clothes with mega holes in them before. The best was when he came home from work in a shirt that had a hole in the sleeve from his forearm all the way past his elbow! I couldn’t stop laughing at the time; he had no idea yet it was sooo obvious!

  4. Michelle / Apr 4 2012

    I sometimes forget to change my shoes in the morning after I walk my dogs. I feel like an idiot by the time I get to the Blue Line, which, coincidentally, seems to be the same train you take to work.

    • Liz / Apr 5 2012

      Hey fellow blue-liner! Shoes are tooo bad, since I do see a lot of women commuting in comfy walking shoes. But I keep a spare pair of shoes in my office just in case. How ’bout you?

      • Nicole / Apr 7 2012

        I used to be one of those who said i would never wear comfy shoes just to walk to work, however, living for 2 years in Russia completely changed my tune. By the end my entire work shoe collection was at work- and i would travel to and from in boots. The boots by the end of this winter (yesterday) got trashed and thrown out.

  5. Madelaine / Apr 5 2012

    Half way to the library to return some books, suffering from a head cold, I realized I was wearing a Hawaiian print skirt, neon orange tights and some navy blue and grey spectators. With some crazy bed head. Not my best look.

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