This week has been the toughest sewing week ever, without a doubt.  I’ve been dutifully sewing muslin after muslin for this dress:

And every manner of things have gone wrong.  While I love this pattern and the fabric, they’re both pain in the butts!  As I briefly relayed my qualms about the sharp angles on the sleeve, but the fit has been really difficult on this particular pattern.  I’m quite petite on top, and I’ve had to take a bunch of fabric out of the bodice to get it to fit decently (at least 3.5 inches).  The only issue is that it’s supposed to be kinda blousey which mine is not (anymore).  I had tried on my muslin in all it’s blousey-ness (muslin #1 or #2), when I leaned over to grab some pins I noticed a *slight* issue: someone could literally see my navel since the neckline is so wide and gapey.  Not quite the look I am going for. 

The fabric on the other hand is lovely.  BUT  I didn’t realize before but the dots are screen-printed on the fabric.  Which means that about every 1.5 feet there is a whole line of dots that meld together and I’ve had to work around that during my cutting layout.  It’s a good thing I’m really short, else I don’t think anyone but me could have cut a skirt out of this fabric.  (I chopped off 8″ of length and still have an extra 2″ for the hem turn-up.) 

I finalized the muslin on Tuesday night.  Wednesday night I made all of the changes to the skirt pattern and cut out the fashion fabric (which took me 3 hours!).  And Thursday night I made all of the changes on the bodice pattern and cut out the fashion fabric (which again took me another 3 hours).  I still have to cut out the lining/underlining and theeeeeen I will be able to start sewing.  Craziness!!! 

I would love to say the pattern has been worth all of this, but I’m doubtful.  If I’m able to pull off the dress decently I may reconsider.  But right now, I’m wishing this pattern harm.

Since I have to go out on Sunday and take photographs, I’m hoping that I can finish cutting the lining/underlining, baste together the underlining to the fashion fabric, and interface all necessary pieces this evening.  Then I’m hoping I can fully sew this puppy up on Saturday. 

It’s going to be a stretch and I don’t have any extra time built-in if things go wrong, so please please please wish me luck.

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