Weldon’s Freebie: Button Thro’ Fair Isle Cardigan

I hope you all had a cozy, nice thanksgiving this year.  I meant to get this post up on Friday but went to traverse Black Friday with my mom and two sisters.  Truthfully, it really wasn’t that bad out where we went (Oak Brook, IL).  A few of the stores we went to had long checkout lines, but beyond that it was pleasant and felt like any other weekend. 

Today’s free pattern was featured on the cover of my Weldon’s Fair Isle pattern booklet

I’m not crazy about the color combination that they have shown, but I love the design of it, which is easier to see on the B&W image of it below.

Much better, no?!

Click the following link to down the pattern as a pdf: Button Thro’ Fair Isle Cardigan.

True to vintage-pattern form, this cardigan was knit with a fingering weight yarn, and calls for a tension of 8 sts per inch and 10 rows per inch, with a number 2 US knitting needle (or 3.00 mm needle).  This cardigan is sized for a 34-36″ bust. 

I seem to be in the Christmas state of mind now that Thanksgiving has come to a close, and the only color I can see this cardigan in, is shades of red, cranberry, white and tan for the holidays. 

If you’re new to fair isle knitting, or colorwork, be sure to swing by Tasha’s blog By Gum, By Golly.  If you haven’t heard, she’s started up ‘Vintage Knitting College’ on her site, and the first lesson (with more to follow) is all about Colorwork.  I, myself, am quite the newbie when it comes to colorwork and I had several *ah-ha* moments when I was reading through her initial post on the topic.  For instance, have you ever heard about color dominance?!  It was really enlightening to read about her thoughts and tips about colorwork, I can’t wait for the next installment!  :)

Oh and she also posted up a great tutorial that was featured on Casey’s blog Elegant Musings about adding a grosgrain ribbon to the button band of your knitted cardigans for that extra vintage touch.  I could definitely see it today’s pattern freebie, Button Thro’ Cardigan.  :)

As always, if you want to see any particular type of knitting pattern, just give me a shout out in the comments section.  I have lots of them and I’m happy to post up anything you’d like to see more of.

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