Fun -Friday: Lazer Tag

I do realize today isn’t Friday, but this past Friday I dubbed it ‘fun Friday’.

All last week, my husband and I had been getting into mini-arguments.  For some reason we found ourselves having lots of disagreements and misunderstandings all throughout the week.  We actually never really fight, so to have lots of disagreements is quite odd for us.  I feel as though I have a good relationship with him and we both couldn’t figure out why ‘things’ kept happening.  Needless to say we were both feeling drained as the week progressed and I decided that we needed more fun.

I was inspired by an image on pinterest (which I now can’t find to share) in which I saw some type of gun and a note.  From there I made it my own, and had the perfect idea to cap off the end of “argument week” and begin “fun Friday” with a home-edition of Lazer Tag!

I get home about 25 minutes earlier than Felix, which gave me just enough time to set up our apartment for the laser tag.  He came home to a note on our front door explaining how to use his new lazer-tag gun and some rules and I had turned off most of the lights in our apartment and put up barricades and created hiding spots by opening up all of the doors (to hide behind).

Here’s a picture Felix took after 3 rounds of game-play:

It was soo much fun!  Felix and I laughed a lot and since then I don’t think we’ve really had any sort of disagreement.  Apparently we just needed a change to get us out of our funk and what better tool than lazer tag.  heh

And yes, I even beat him two games out of three.  :)

Felix has a whole post about his lazer-tag experience on Friday over on his blog, Avoision, it’s a fun read of his side of the experience!

For all of the US readers, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I myself am quite thankful that I found such a wonderful, supportive husband and that he loves me just as much as I love him.

Do feel free to share any “fun-ideas” you may have or what you’re most thankful for this year.

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