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October 31

Oh my! BurdaStyle

As I was catching up on my rss reader feeds and reading Annabellebumps’ lovely post about being featured in BurdaStyle’s Best of October projects.  I decided to click through her link to vote for her fab circle skirt (from Casey’s sew along) and my little heart did a big flutter upon seeing this:

Mega *Gasp*!

It’s me and my favorite bow-blouse.  Oh Burda, how I *heart* you! 

I also can’t stop staring at this lovely bride and her green veil… Isn’t she lovely?!

I feel so luck to be in a community of such creative and lovely people: on Burda, in my local Chicago Burda Group, all of the other blogs I read, and all of you happy people that leave me comments on my very own blog.  I haven’t even been blogging for a full year yet, and I’ve somehow been lucky enough to have all of your encouragement and blog-love.

With all my rambling, I’m trying to say thanks for all of your comments.  They have helped me to continue to create and tackle more advanced projects while blogging about it all. 

Without any boasting, I just wanted to share with you my happy burda-news.  :)

  1. PepperReed / Oct 31 2011

    HooRay!! That blouse is a great project. Congratulations!!

  2. gail / Oct 31 2011

    Super cool! Well deserved too!

  3. Amanda D. / Oct 31 2011

    Congrats! But did you know you’ve been featured at least 2 other times on Burda’s Best of series? :) Very cool!

  4. meli / Oct 31 2011

    congratulations! The blouse looks great, you deserve the praise

  5. Annabelle / Oct 31 2011

    I know, I totally saw that today! This was an amazing outfit and you so deserve this recognition -great job Liz!

  6. Annabelle / Oct 31 2011

    Oh, by the way, thanks for sweet comments about my circle skirt :)

  7. Tasha / Nov 1 2011

    Congrats, how very excited (and well-deserved)!

  8. Meg / Nov 1 2011

    Congratulations! I absolutely adore that shirt. I actually just bought a new Vogue shirt pattern because it reminded me of your shirt!

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