You Know You’re Sewing Too Much When….

…You run out of pins.

On the table are 4 empty containers of pins; they each hold somewhere around 120 pins.  I have four on the table and another 2 or 3 empty containers in my sewing drawer, which makes for at least 700 pins in my sewing room/dining room stuck in projects.  (Eeeep!)  I ended up having to resort to using my old, short pins since they’re all I have left.

Granted I have a tendency to over-pin my patterns when cutting fabric, but still.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever run out. 

I guess this is either good proof that I’m not being lazy and am working on things or perhaps that I have too many projects that I am currently working on…

What you see on the table (in the image above) is the bow-tie belt for this dress:

I’m making view B, and finished up my muslin on Monday night.  It took me all evening to cut out all of my pattern pieces.  But I do have to say, this is the easiest dress that I’ve made/fit, so far.  Granted, I haven’t actually started sewing it together yet but I did sew the muslin and it went together quite easily and it was even easier to fit.

This pattern is a size 12, or 30″ bust while I’m more of a 33-34″ bust.  All I did was to add a few inches to the side seams from the bodice to the hem of the skirt, and it retained the original look like the pattern cover.  Technically, one is supposed to grade patterns larger/smaller, but with having such a petite upper body like I have, the size 12 still fits me quite nicely at the shoulders and neckline.  So I usually don’t grade my patterns unless they’re much larger than a 34″ bust size. 

Can’t wait to start sewing tonight.  I’m planning on underlining the bodice in a matching navy bemberg lining, but will have the skirt portion be regular lining (not underlining).  Oh, and I’m making my own shoulder pads for this dress, which should be interesting.  :)

Sorry I haven’t posted up much recently, none of my projects are really worth blogging about currently.  But I had to break the radio silence with a little update.

Also I have to ask…. have any of you run out of pins or had something silly happen as a result of too much sewing?

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  1. gail October 19, 2011 — 12:00 PM

    What a great design! Can’t wait to see this one when it’s finished!

  2. Lauren October 19, 2011 — 12:01 PM

    i run out of pins every couple of months, but it’s usually because i drop my pins on the floor & then don’t pick them up ;) hey – i warn people not to enter the sewing room barefoot!

    i recently sucked it up & bought a giant box of like 700 pins, in the extra-extra long length… we’ll see how long this box lasts lol.

    1. Liz October 19, 2011 — 12:02 PM

      Between you and me, I did have to run out to the store and buy more pins several months back. But I really didn’t think I’d run out again!

      I think it’s my project stash telling me to finish my hems!

  3. K-Line October 19, 2011 — 12:07 PM

    Wow – that’s impressive-scary. I have 3 boxes of pins, and I’ve never used up even 1 at a time. Maybe I don’t adequately pin!

  4. Kerry October 19, 2011 — 1:17 PM

    I love the look of that pattern!

    I’ve never run completely out of pins, only nearly, when all my favourite pins were used on projects and I had to use emergency ones. I didn’t have anywhere near as many as you have tho! :)

  5. meli October 19, 2011 — 1:36 PM

    Oh man, this is funny. Thanks for the giggle. It’s been my goal before to get through one one those boxes, but I’ve never quite gotten there.

    1. Liz October 19, 2011 — 3:54 PM

      Oh my! You’ve never run through 1 box?! I feel like some pin-hoarding troll now. heh

  6. raqskie October 19, 2011 — 5:31 PM

    Yes!! I ran out of pins last night and had to fish some old inherited ones that I had finally decided were too blunt out of the rubbish bin. That dress pattern looks fantastic.

    1. Liz October 20, 2011 — 11:24 AM

      Yay! I’m not the only one. :)

  7. Shannon October 19, 2011 — 11:49 PM

    So, I’ve been kind of non-creepily stalking your blog for the past few weeks, and going to the comments to say something and then chickening out or failing to have anything interesting to say. But I wanted to tell you that it’s midterms for me (I’m in my last semester of undergrad) and I’ve been using your blog as a lovely break/bit of procrastination in between studying, and then, probably because of that and the sleep deprivation, last night I had a dream that I met you at a fabric store and you were going to teach me about how sewing some kind of fancy seams related to robotic prosody (what I stayed up last night writing a paper abstract on.) It was kind of a weird dream, but I decided that it meant I should probably finally come and say hi and tell you that your first fall outfit combo was gorgeous! So hello, goodbye, hopefully receiving this from a random stranger on the internet wasn’t tooo weird. I am pretty normal and non-murdery, I promise!

    1. Liz October 20, 2011 — 11:24 AM

      “Hi” and thanks for commenting! :) Thank you so much for your kind words about my fall outfit. Now that it’s getting chilly here in Chicago, I’ve been wearing my trousers 1x a week since I posted about them.

      No worries about being a ‘non-murdery stalker’. hehehe I think that’s what blogging is all about though… getting a view into someone else’s life and seeing what they’re up to.

      I love it when people leave me comments! Believe it or not, none of my family members has really ever left me a comment on my blog, only strangers have. So you’re in happy company and I don’t think it’s wierd in one bit.

      What a funny dream! I actually had to google what “robotic prosody” was, so I’m uber impressed you’re studing this as an undergrad. I’m now curious what your major is…. I used to have “math-based” dreams when I was in my grad program and but just a few nights ago I was dreaming about how I was going to tackle the facing on a dress I’m working on.

      Good luck on your midterms and don’t be a stranger. :)

      1. Shannon October 20, 2011 — 7:03 PM

        Thanks for the good luck wishes!

        I’m double majoring in Linguistics and Languages. I think I want to do a grad program in sociolinguistics, but I took the prosody class kind of as a lark. I can’t wait to see your next project! :D

  8. Tasha October 20, 2011 — 9:35 AM

    I’ve run out of pins before, but in fairness I didn’t have nearly as many. However I did have to buy more pins when I couldn’t figure out where all my ones of a certain type were going. They kept slowly disappearing until my pin cushion only had short ones that I didn’t like. Yes, periodically I would have to throw one out but it’s like they went into a black hole. :)

    1. Liz October 20, 2011 — 11:29 AM

      Oh dear! How strange…. That’s not something that usually gets toyed with since no one wants to get stuck by a pin. I’ve found old muslins in my closet still with pins in them… Maybe that’s what happened to some of yours?

      I’m funny about my pins… I can’t mix colors together. So each one of my boxes holds a certain color of pin and I have yet to use my pin cushion. Which means that I can usually deduce where my pins are, by color & by project.

      I really can’t stand the short pins anymore. I’ve gotten so spoilt with my long, pearly pins.

  9. Meg October 25, 2011 — 10:50 AM

    I’m so excited to see this when it is finished! It will be so lovely in Navy, I’m sure!

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