Simplicity 4532: Umbrella Applique

Most, if not all weekend I spent working on my circle skirt and applique.  Truth be told, I really had no idea how time consuming applique is.  Did you guys?!

I think I spent at least 2-3 hours machine stitching all of my raindrops onto my skirt… but more on that part later.

So I drew up my ideal umbrella on Friday night, with the help of my handy protractor.  I used the recent sew, mama, sew tutorial about using freezer paper and starch to make the applique pieces and this is what I ended up with.

Looking at it now, it kinda looks like a cloud to me.  Maybe it’s just because I’m taking the photos on my ironing board that has a cloud background….

For the umbrella I used a mattress stitch on the scalloped edge and finished the top with a simple row of french knots.  I really love the color combination of black and white, and I’m hoping it has a nice *pop* against the red skirt.  I was debating using a white and red scheme to go against the red skirt, but I think I prefer the additional contrast with the black.

I’ve twisted rick rack together (on the far left) and I’m using that to make the handle for the umbrella.  Also I cut out two different sized raindrops for my applique.  I tried using the sew, mama, sew tutorial for the rain drops, but I just couldn’t get that to work.  It didn’t have nice clean edges after I turned them to the wrong side, and the freezer paper itself wasn’t adhering to my fabric.  So gave up and ended up machine stitching them all using a satin stitch.

To attach the umbrella to the skirt shell, I invisibly stitched it with some white, silk thread.  Silk thread is so yummy; it glides so easily, I love it.  It makes hand stitching (dare I say) fun.  :)

(Don’t worry, I didn’t leave the umbrella handle this long.)

After I stitched on all of the rain drops, I was on such a roll that I forgot to take some more progress pictures for you all.  But the good news is that I’m soo close to being done with this skirt.  All I have left to do is to hem the lining and it’ll be good to go.

I really do love the scalloped skirt I just finished, but this circle skirt may be turning into my new favorite (or second favorite at least).

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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