Vintage Jumper Knit-along: Briar Rose

I’m participating in my very first knit-along (KAL) that is being hosted by the wonderful By gum, by golly.

I only just found out about Tasha’s blog and KAL from Sarah at the Vintage Bobbin who heard about it from Casey, whom I also follow.  I’m not sure how By gum, by golly blog slipped through my radar, but I’m so happy I found out about this vintage KAL before it was over with.  Coincidentally, Tasha is also from Chicago AND has been participating in Casey’s Swing Dress Sew along too.  More and more I’m finding that the sewing-blog-world is constantly colliding, and I’m lovin’ it.

While I’m only 3/4 of the way done with my first vintage knit (Caledonia Jumper) for the Colette Spring Palette Challenge, I had to put more things on my plate and enlist myself in this KAL also.  (Yes, you heard it here first… nice, thick sarcasm.) heh

If you haven’t found out yet, now would be a good time to tell all of you, I commonly sign myself up for lots and lots of projects at the same time and get very frazzled.  In the end I usually do end up completing them all, but only because my poor husband keeps me sane and cooks a lot of our dinners and feeds the hungry bunnies.  I really just enjoy the creation process and planning it all out, I can’t help myself from participating in these joint endeavors.

So true to form, I’ve decided to take on my second knitting project just as soon as my own vintage jumper, Caledonia, is finished for Colette’s Spring Palette Challenge.

Here’s a picture of the Briar Rose  jumper that I’ll be creating next.

I love the shape and the tucks at the top of the sleeves to create the puffs.  The little arrow knitted emblem is a really cute touch, and I’m debating how I can make it stand out a bit more (stripes perhaps?).

And of course the first thing I did was go yarn shopping…  so here’s the color of yarn that I ended up going with:

The color is called bubble gum, which I think is very accurate.  This is Heritage Sock Yarn by Cascade; it’s a mix of 85% merino superwash wool and 15% Mulberry silk which is why it has that nice sheen to it and feels oh so squishy.  I was in the yarn store debating between a nice aqua or this pink, and I decided to go with the pink only because this color is in my Spring Palette.  While I really want an aqua sweater, I figured I’d have clothes that I could match with the pink instead come springtime due to Colette’s Challenge.

As an asside, I’m knitting like mad on my Caledonia jumper, and hope to have the body of the sweater done by Monday (sans sleeves).  I actually can’t start my gauge swatch Briar Rose until I finish since it will be using the same needles (most likely).

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