Swing Dress: Skirt Pieces Completed

I wish I had more pictures to share with you today, but most of my projects are in the muslin stages and they don’t look too pretty.

I’m continuing to work on my Swing Dress for Casey’s sew along, and I was able to get my skirt pieces done over the weekend.  They’re all serged, sewed, and pressed.  :)   

This is a quick shot of the skirt back piece.  (I have 3/4 seam allowances included and took off lots of length.)

And here’s a shot of the inside of the dress:

The lining is a lilac bemberg.  So far I’m really happy with it because it’s adding a bit of weight to the silk, which in retrospect, I’m glad I’m using because it needs the extra weight in order to drape properly.  I may also have to add some hem detail in order to get even more weight added to the skirt piece, but I won’t know for sure until I make the bodice (and attach it to the skirt).

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  1. Gina March 2, 2011 — 7:45 AM

    Nice work! I just underlined my Easter dress, you are right about the drape thing, it helps a great deal. Your sewing looks great, I am sure this is going to be really pretty!

    1. Liz March 2, 2011 — 9:41 AM

      Thanks Gina. Did you make your easter dress in silk too?

  2. Tasha March 2, 2011 — 8:21 AM

    That looks like it’ll be lovely. I had some frustrations with the pattern so while I was on a roll this weekend I finished it off so I could move onto something less frustrating. LOL

    I am thinking of getting a serger soon. That’s actually one area of my swing dress I left untouched, because I couldn’t decide how to handle the seams with the lawn I used, that seems to have an ever so slight tendency to fray. I may end up hand overcasting the seams. Ugh. That isn’t something I’m going to want to do very often, let me tell you. :P Are you happy with yours?

    1. Liz March 2, 2011 — 9:40 AM

      At first I was a bit frustrated with it, but I’ve worked though the issues with all of my muslins.
      The issues I still do have are notches continue to not match up, I have no idea how to make a long sleeved version from the pattern piece (strange curves), and the neckline/shoulder seam continues to boggle me even though I’ve already done two muslins. I have to keep referencing Casey’s tutorial to sew that part.
      The biggest frustration I have is the neckline/shoulder seam. I bought the paper copy and had it shipped; but there are two images of the dress and they’re both different at the neckline. So I really have no idea which it’s supposed to look like in the end which isn’t good.
      I do like the finished result since I feel like it’s easy to alter and its becoming on most women. Despite all of these issues, I’ll probably make it again. For me, the prettiness makes it worth the effort. :) It’s definitely not a beginner dress, and I have yet to follow the printed instructions.

      1. Tasha March 3, 2011 — 9:55 AM

        Can you believe I chose it for my first dress?! Egads. I managed to make it through the neckline on my own for my various iterations of the muslin, no thanks to the drawing in the pattern. But by the time I was ready to do it on the fashion fabric I’d forgotten what I had done on the muslins, so then I went with Casey’s method which is completely different.

        I had so many odd issues. The facing for size 12 was way too long to match up with the bodice pieces, even though I compared my tracing to the paper pattern a dozen times. I couldn’t get the notches to match up at the sides for the life of me either. I decided screw it, I’m ignoring them. When it was all sewed up I had the most ridiculous differences in the length of my skirt pieces because of it.

        After all the issues I had with it, I’m amazed the final dress looks presentable. And I figure with that under my belt, surely everything else will be a walk in the park, right? ;)

  3. Mia March 2, 2011 — 9:52 AM

    I love your fabric! The lining is beautiful as well!
    I’m having a dickens of a time with this pattern. If I wasn’t doing the sew along with Casey I probably would have given up by now. I’m hoping the Colette patterns and Sewaholic pattern I just ordered will be easier to manage.

    1. Liz March 2, 2011 — 10:27 AM

      Ooo, which pattern/s from Colette did you buy?

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