Bunny Print Shirt Dress

There’s never a day that I don’t want more bunnies in my life.  I think if it were up to me – I’d be known as the crazy bunny lady.  Knowing that, I will freely admit my wardrobe is not up to snuff with bunny-themed items.

When I saw this bunny print shirting, I had to have it.  I bought this from fabric.com (brand Telio) last year.  It’s a crisp, stretch cotton shirting and it has worn very nicely since I stitched it up.

When I move my arms there’s a soft crinkle noise that happens due to the crispness of the shirting material – it’s new to me and I love it.

Some of the bunny print fabrics I’ve seen are too juvenile.  They’re cute, but not something I can wear to work.

This black and white print is perfect for me.  It’s chic for work and my personality (and love of bunnies) shines through very clearly.

So… ‘What pattern is this?’ you may be asking.

This is a glorious mix of two patterns: Bruyere (a new favorite) & McCalls 6696 (an old favorite).

Earlier in the fall I made 2 Bruyere blouses (yet to be blogged) and I learned why so many people love it.  No sugar-coating it here, but the Bruyere blouse needed ZERO edits for me.  It fit perfectly right out of the envelope!  This is huge for me as that rarely happens.

I’ve sewn with McCalls 6696 shirt dress pattern, but the bodice was never absolutely perfect.  It was nice – but there was room for improvement.  But I loved the skirt portion.

It seemed only natural that I combine the better fitting bodice of Bruyere along with the skirt of 6696 to create my perfect shirt dress.

I like the bunny print as much as ever – but felt it needed some visual breaks.

I found some basic black cotton in my stash and used it for the collar, cuffs, and button band.  I wish I had also used it to cut out the waistband…

I’m not sure that the two blacks match 100% but it was fine for me.  I don’t think anyone can really notice apart from myself.

I do see some armpit wrinkling in the image below so I probably need a different curve.  But I’m really happy with the fit throughout my shoulders, sleeve caps, bust, and back.


The black buttons are from my recent haul from the Paris Flea market at Porte de Vanves.

I always feel slightly bad about using vintage buttons but I finally am telling myself to use them.  I can always take them off again once the dress wears out or if it no longer fits.

I really love this skirt!  It’s the perfect amount of flare for vintage inspired garments without being too full.

So very happy to have an actual bunny print dress in my wardrobe – finally!  I’ve been a bun-parent for over 10 years now; you think I would have made a dress in all that time.

Well… at least I don’t have to hang my head in shame in front of my bunnies any longer.  lol

Cheers & Happy Sewing.

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