Birthday Weekend Recap

Well… I’m officially back to the real world after having a lovely weekend getaway.  I don’t think I’m 100% refreshed yet, but it was a great start to the summer and I had lots of fun.

Thank you guys for all of your well wishes!  I count myself lucky to have so many lovely blog readers such as yourselves, wishing me well.

During the whole drive on Friday, through Indiana and up to Michigan, I was telling Felix over and over how happy I was NOT to be at work.  heh  It was such a giddy feeling to be out in the fresh air instead of in an office building toiling over charts and data.  I felt like I was getting a ‘ditch day’ from school.

Felix booked a really charming B&B right off Red-Arrow Highway called Rabbit Run Inn.

Sadly there were no rabbits in sight, but I did have Lulu the french bulldog as a cute consolation prize.

French Bulldogs are on my top 3 fav dog breeds.  Isn’t she a sweetie?!

Felix did a much better job than I did document and taking pictures over the weekend.  I was determined to snap a photo for instagram/twitter at each stop of our journey, but I think I only managed to get three pictures.  *Fail*

I posted up the map of our stops on Friday; while we didn’t get to make all the stops on the map we managed to add some ones that I found via google searching while in the car, en route.

We made three (or four) stops on Day 1 and I got really, really overwhelmed at the last antique mall we hit up.  It was just massive and everything started to become a blur.  I couldn’t focus and felt short on time since they were closing soon.  That being said, I bought a 60’s mod tulip bracelet that I instantly fell in love with at that last mall.

The prices of the antiques all along the highway were very much retail prices, as all of the vendors truly knew the market prices of their inventory.  I really didn’t get any whooping good deals, but there were tons of great goods and I still had fun shopping and browsing around.

On the drive, I was being bad and checking emails and such…  But I was happy to read all of your lovely birthday wishes.  On a suggestion from Lisa I decided to drive a bit further than planned to fit in a fabric shop called Field’s Fabrics in Holland, MI.

Holland looked like a nice town to grab lunch in…  But since it was the last stop of Day 2, we just grabbed coffee at Lemonjello’s and headed back on the highway for home.

Having blouses on the brain, I bought this cute Americana seersucker plaid, which I’m hoping to turn into a fun button-down blouse for the summer.  Thanks for the tip Miss Lisa!

Left to right, top to bottom:  Navy & White Polka Dot ‘kerchief for my hair, a 60’s white with pink flowers blouse, 2 yrds cotton blend plaid from Fields, Yellow Tulip Bracelet, iridescent glass bead necklace (changes with what color you’re wearing) and a long stringed necklace of black beads.

I bought a random bag of buttons for $1 and true to form, I felt a massive need to match them all up.

The rest of my finds:

L to R, Top to Bottom:  3 sewing patterns (1 blouse, a dress, and pj’s), 2 knitting magazines from the 50s, hunter green buttons from the 40’s, white and navy rayon seam binding, and a pair of Wiss pinking shears.

I’m always hesitant to buy scissors, especially vintage ones unless I can test them out.  When I took them up to the counter, I cut through a napkin and it was like cutting silk charmeuse!  They cut with such ease and nicely, too!  I bought them for a whopping $10.50 and they’re much nicer than my cheap plastic handled ones from the craft store.

All in all, it was a great trip!  I didn’t buy anything huge although I have to admit… there was a white featherweight machine going for $325 that I was really falling in love with.  But I need another machine like a whole in the head, especially since I have yet to get my current black beauty in running shape.

Can’t wait to go back in the summer months when more shops are open with fresh stock!

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