Caribean Cruise: Part 2

I’m back once again today with more cruise photos for you all.

On day 4 we landed in Curaçao (home of the blue liqueur) but instead of arriving at 10am as originally planned, the weather kept us from port until 4pm.  At that point all of the excursions we had booked were canceled due to the late timing and we scrambled a bit to try to figure out what we could do short timeframe.

A group of us (my parents and some extended family) all packed into a minivan and headed out to Hato Caves which was part of one of the excursions my mother had booked and one that Felix and I had missed.  So we were quite happy that we could just cab it out there ourselves.

The caves are some 200,000 years old and is the uppermost strata of the island which marks it as one of the oldest.  Needless to say we had to climb a decent amount of steep and sketchy stairs to get to the cave entrance.  Nothing my 3rd story apartment doesn’t train me for on a daily basis!  :)

This is the view from the cave entrance at the top of the stairs.

Lots of vegetation with plenty of cactus/cacti paired with the sound of parrots was pure amazing, after leaving a cold, grey Chicago winter behind us.

While the caves weren’t the largest I’ve been in, it sure was neat to walk through anyhow.  The coolest part of the caves (besides awesome formations) were the bats.  Fruit bats of course.  When you looked up in the dark they were flying around like tiny black butterflies.  They were really cute.  :)

The bats are camera-shy so I just have pictures of the caves for you.

After leaving the caves at 5:30pm the cab took us back downtown were we did a bit of walking, and just walked back to the ship for dinner.

(Getting dark and a bit rainy…)

By the time we got back to the ship, it was quite dark… perfect for a shot of the ship.  There was literally about 50 people standing around taking the same photo as Felix took here before we went to the dock.  heh

Well peeps…. I’d like to keep showing the rest of the photos from days 5 through 7, but day 5 has at least double the amount of photos as this post.  So I’ll show you the rest in Part 3 if you don’t mind; it’s just too much for one blog post.

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