Stitchcraft Freebie: Embroidered Jumper

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted up some patterns for you all!  I was going to blog about my most recent sewing project/s but I figured that could wait till Monday.

This pattern comes from the February/March 1944 edition of Stitchcraft Magazine.

Click on the following link to download the pattern as a pdf: Embroidered Jumper Pattern.

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While it’s not what I think of as typical embroidery, this jumper is wonderful.  I love those tailored-looking knits and this one is just as good as the rest, don’t you think?!

Pattern Details:

There are pattern details for two sizes: 32-34 and 36-38″ bust ranges.  What’s interesting is that the stitch counts are exactly the same for each size, what changes is the type of yarn that was used, and the needles/gauges along with it.

The 32-34″ bust size calls for a fingering weight yarn with a tension of 8.5 sts per inch whereas the 36-38″ bust calls for a 3-ply yarn ( also a fingering?) with a tension of 7 sts to an inch.

The 32-34″ bust calls for US 2 or 3.00 mm needles for the main body of the jumper and the 36-38″ bust calls for US 5 or 3.75 mm needles.

The larger size technically uses a fingering weight yarn, but I wouldn’t worry so much as getting the fingering weight, as getting a nice tension swatch for 7 sts per inch that you’re pleased with.

For me, I’d consider a sport weight yarn and would swatch it to see what the tension was looking like with the US size 5 needle, and adjust as needed from there.

Another nice design feature on this jumper is that it has a short sleeve AND a long sleeve option.  Isn’t that nice?!  While I love short-sleeved knits, I never do get a lot of wear out of them since my arms always get cold.  Yet I still find myself knitting them time and time again.  heh

Hope you like my pick for today.  Also, feel free to post a comment letting me know if there’s any particular type of knit you’d like to see me post up here.  Cheers!

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