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Hey everyone!  Happy Pre-Turkey Day.  :)

Thanks so much for listening to me belly-ache about my fabric woes and for helping a girl out as to what I should do about it.  With all of your encouragement, I decided to head out to my local fabric store after working out on Monday night geared up to find something new (or the green shantung) for the McCalls 9792 dress.

Bet let me say, it wasn’t easy.  I went into a fabric store on Monday night, just browsing around to see what they had and to see if anything struck my fancy.  I was really intending to buy more of the green shantung, but when I got to the counter to compare my green silk to the one they had in stock, the color lots were way too different.  I would have had to buy all new yardage, which defeated the point of using this fabric from my stash!  Ultimately, this was okay since I was wavering about the green anyhow.

I then browsed around some more and the next fabric I found was short of yardage.  *Boo*  I then tried the patience of the lovely sales girl as I kept wavering between two few fabrics & which color to go with.  She politely mentioned that they had more silk “over there”.  I told her I already looked there, but said I’d just take another look for good measure.  Lo and behold I found my fabric!!!

I ended up buying a navy blue silk shantung (on the right):

I wasn’t looking to buy a navy but here we are.  :)  I think the dress will work up classic & lovely (and hold to my navy-nautical theme).  But I’m thinking that it may call for a bit of embellishment.

Call me crazy since I’m already running short on time, but I think some rhinestones or lace applique would really *make it*.  I’m going to have to play this all by ear, since I have no idea if I’ll have time some of these extras.  I’ll be rational and will do the embellishment last, if needed just to ensure I have a dress to wear for the cruise.

As you already saw, I have another fabric hanging on my dress form.  Well… I found MORE of my trouser fabric, so all is not lost with the pair I was working on last week. *hip hip*

I’m going to keep the front of the trousers and only remake the back of the legs and see where that gets me as far as fit goes.  heh  Aaaand I think if needed, I could even make another pair of front or backs (but not both) since I’d bought 1.5 yards of it.  (I’m a shortie and little yardage goes a long way for me.)

And that’s not all!  I even found some linen fabric that could coordinate with my grandmother’s honeymoon jacket:

Photos are dark, but the jacket is a blue linen (see more images here).


I’ll have the stripes running vertical instead of horizontal, in the final skirt version.

I’d been hunting around my local stores for some matching navy blue linen fabric without much luck.  But I happened across this navy ticking stripe linen and I though it could do the trick!  And after looking at the photos of me in the jacket, my navy and white striped shoes will do wonders to pull this look together.

In addition, the Simplicity 3673 skirt pattern calls for 10 buttons, so I’ll plan on using a navy blue to try and coordinate the top to the bottom some more.  But if this doesn’t work out I have a solid, cream linen skirt that I can wear as a backup.

Don’t you love it when things just happen to come together when you’re stressing out the most?!

I now have several projects I can work on for the cruise, that I’m not sure what I should even work on first.  heh

Other Stuff:

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I’m planning on going to the ‘burbs to hang out with my mom and dad for a few days.  So far, I’m in charge of the vegetables and dessert.  I’m going to be whipping up a pumpkin cheesecake (by request) along with some spaghetti squash and roasted brussels sprouts.

Are any of my US buddies cooking or baking anything yummy for the holiday?


Aaaand…. holding to tradition I am braving the storm and going out on Black Friday with my mom and sister to hang out.  I don’t really do much shopping at the stores anymore, so I’m really just there to hang out and have fun.

Wish me luck!  And have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday weekend!!

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