Fabric Doubts

Hope you all had a great weekend!  My weekend had some highs as well as lows, unfortunately.

The Highs:

Met up with Tasha and her partner, Mel and went to the Vintage Garage to shop around.  We also went to other local Antique malls where we both had good luck finding vintage garments.  I came home with a 50’s lace dress and Tasha walked away with a gorgeous pajama set from the 40’s.  (Sorry guys, I got too busy shopping to take any pictures.)

I worked up my McCalls 9792 pattern (the dressy one for the cruise) and it’s nearly a perfect fit!  I have to do a bit of alterations to the bodice, but nothing major.  I’m not even doing a second muslin, it looks that good!

The Lows:

The first low was on Friday night when I got to the point of trying on my 3rd attempt at the Thurlow trouser pattern.  I thought I’d worked most of the kinks out but I was wrong; I continue to have a wrinkled butt despite making some crotch seam adjustments.  I’d gotten 85% completed with these and now I have to recycle them which stinks since I love the fabric I choose.  (A brown tweedy wool that looks very 30’s/40’s.)

But the good that came out of this is that I think I finally know what I need to do to get them to fit (or at least I think I do…. again.)  Ahh well, no one said pants are easy.  Well, they are easy to sew, just not easy to fit!

What this all means is that I’m hung up making my cruise capri’s until I mock up another Thurlow trouser, but I need more fabric to do so.  *So this project is on hold for the moment.*

The second low, isn’t really a “low” but more of a conundrum I have.  My muslin bodice of the McCalls 9792 looks great, but I’m now second guessing my fabric choice.

First: I don’t have enough of the floral organza fabric.  I’m at least 1-2 yards short still, although I believe my local fabric store still has some in stock.  (Well, they did last time I was in the shop.)

Secondly:  I’m not sure this is the appropriate fabric for the dress anymore.  :|  I think it could work up lovely, I’m just having doubts about it.

The only other fabric I have in my stash that is a “dressy” fabric is this silk green shantung:

But again with this one, I don’t have enough yardage!

I feel like I’m at a cross-roads.  I can either:

  • Search for more floral organza fabric and make my original idea up
  • Search for more green shantung fabric and make this one up
  • Or start from scratch and go fabric shopping to see if I can’t find something else that excites me (which is quite easy to do.)

The reason why I’m not crazy about the floral organza anymore is:

  1. I don’t want to end up looking too cutesy.  This is a risk with the white & floral print and me being so short.
  2. I’m not sure how dressy it’s going to look for a cruise vs. looking like I’m going to a 50’s prom.
  3. I tried on my fur stole and it doesn’t match like I’d hoped.

I want to look chic & pretty but I don’t want to look cutesy, do you know what I mean?  I know the green organza would be lovely, but I also don’t want to look like I’m wearing a Christmas dress in January.


Am I just being silly??  Will the floral organza look great for this dress?  Or if it were you, would you go in a different direction:  If so what fabric &/or color would you use?

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