Nautical Dress Fabric

Hey guys!

I just happened upon the fabric I used for my nautical inspired dress, you know the chevron one…


I know Sully Liz of The Cataloguer  just saw it in person at Mood, but I just found it online.  Now you can buy it too, if you had a hankering for it.   

What’s crazy is that I had absolutly no idea it was 100% silk!  I thought it was a cotton sateen of some sort since it felt so thick .  Glad I didn’t throw it in the wash.  heh  (Srsly, I would never thow it in the wash… but still….you’d think I’d know a silk vs. cotton by now!)

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  1. Karin June 9, 2012 — 3:25 PM

    This is a fantastic dress! It suits you and you’ve used the fabric with a keen eye. I also like the backdrop for your photos!

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