Planning my Cruise Wardrobe

You may have heard me mention it just a few times… but I’m going on a cruise in January to the Caribbean.  It is going to be my first place that is really tropical and I’m totally excited!

As much fun as the trip is going to be, I’m also really excited to dress up for the occasion.  I finally have a place I can wear all of my nautical-inspired outfits (some of which still have to be created).

What this means in terms of my sewing schedule:  Sadly, I’m going to have to set aside my Gertie Coat for a while.  I came to the conclusion, after realizing it’s just about mid-November (!!!) and I have yet to start sewing for the trip which is at the beginning of January.  Not to mention the extra time I’ll be spending making gifts for some family members.  I already feel like I’m on a time crunch and my coat is going to have to wait for a while.

Fancy Dresses:

I have a few fancy dress patterns in my possession and I feel like now is my chance to actually sew them up.  I wish every night on the cruise was a ‘fancy’ night so I can use all my patterns, but yes…. this is not realistic thinking on my part.  The two favorites I picked out of my stash are McCalls 9792 and Vogue S-938:

There are two ‘dressy’ evenings on the cruise.  I think I only have time to make one fancy dress and I’m leaning towards the McCall’s one in a floral organza fabric that’s been in my stash for well over a year now.

Not to mention, I think this dress would look fabulous with my white rabbit fur stole/cape thingy.

The second dressy-dress that I’m going to pack is my silk Nautical dress I made earlier this year:

Day Wear:

The Vogue 5012 skirt on the left, I’d love to turn it into a beach cover-up in a fun print that somewhat coordinates with my swimsuits.

I also want to make the Simplicity 3673 skirt pattern on the far right to match my Nautical linen jacket that was my grandmother’s honeymoon outfit, since the original white skirt is a bit too snug for comfort.

And lastly, (what I probably should have mentioned first, since it will be the first project I’m going to start on) I want to make a pair of cute, bright red capri pants using the Thurlow pattern from Sewaholic.

Something like these:

I love both of the leg treatment options: The cuffs of option #2 or the laced sides of option #3.

I’m using the Thurlow pattern since that pattern is the closest any pattern has come to fit my mega-pear shape.  I’m making the Thurlow my personal trouser block pattern and I have an idea how I’ll mock them up to make a capri pant.

But before I make the capris, I’m modifying the pants pattern one more time in order to work on the fit at the bum.  So over the next week or so I’m going to make a muslin of the dressy dress: McCalls 9792 and make my third pair of Thurlows in a brown tweedy wool, as another wearable muslin before I cut out my red fabric.

I’m a gal with a plan!

  1. Wearable Thurlow (final test before Capri version)
  2. Red Thurlow Capris (50’s style)
  3. Fancy Dress
  4. Simplicity 3673 Skirt Pattern (to match my grandmother’s honeymoon jacket)
  5. Wrap Skirt as cover-up

But with all plans, even this short list may have some deviations in it since Christmas is coming and I have a few things to make for others.  Now, off to the sewing machine!  :)

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  1. great plan! i love the mccalls fancy dress pattern and it will be gorgeous in the organza. what fabric will you use underneath?

  2. Lauren November 14, 2012 — 9:15 AM

    I love all of your ideas for this. I totally agree with you – if I went on a cruise, I would use every single opportunity to dress as over-the-top nautical/playsuit pin-up as possible. Because, I mean, when else are you going to have that golden moment?

  3. go Liz! I’m so excited for you and love seeing your “cruise wear” ideas. I’ve booked a cruise for May, so I’m trying to narrow down a list of practical outfits to sew up too. I really like the wrap skirt, and the McCall’s dress is gorgeous–can’t wait to see your makes!!

  4. Shari November 14, 2012 — 11:23 AM

    I love the McCall’s pattern and the red capris will be fun and fabulous. I have a button front skirt pattern in my queue and I love that look as well! The Vogue wrap pattern should be easy and a great addition to your cruise clothes. What a great thing to look forward to in a Midwestern January!

  5. Michelle November 15, 2012 — 1:24 PM

    *GASP* I love fancy dress patterns, too much so. I would love to see either of those sewn-up. I have a bit of a preference towards the McCall over the Vogue, but not by much.

  6. Liz November 15, 2012 — 10:11 PM

    First of all let me say how jealous I am that you are going on a cruise to the Caribbean!! Jealous that it is so close to the US and because as a destination it looks positively amazing! I will get there one day when I can save up enough!!!
    Now onto your wardrobe (which will look amazing)… I love all of these plans, I am particularly drawn to the capris with the contrast turnback cuffs (I may steal this idea). I also really love the playsuits and what a perfect opportunity to make so many fun things!
    I look forward to your future postings.

  7. magnificent plan!! I think your evening wear dresses are spectacular choices, and I’m so excited to all of your makes :) I’m so glad you are working that nautical jacket into your cruise wardrobe – it’s going to be perfect on board!

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