Week 2 Recap of Me Made May

Hey guys!  Happy Monday?  I wish I could be happy about it but I feel as if I cleaned-ran-slept through my entire weekend.  I had a very full, fun weekend but I just wish I had an extra day for relaxing.

So far so good with Me Made May outfits… well kinda.  I ended up not wearing anything Me-Made on Saturday.  :(  I was cleaning my apartment from morning till 4pm, and then I changed into some running gear which was very un-made by me and I had no time or place to wear anything I had made.

Saturday was a loss and I barely scrapped by on Sunday also.  I woke up super early (5:45am after going to bed at midnight) to head out to the Flea to celebrate mother’s day.  I met my mom at her local flea and we shopped around and had fun.  As usual I wear crummy clothes which was non-me made and I ended up relaxing for the first half of the day in my *blah* clothes.  Came home around 5pm and took a power till 7pm.  Afterwards I was able to wear something I made as I went foraging for coffee & dinner and came home just in time for Sherlock.  And now here I am at 10:30 pm blogging before bed at the end of the weekend, wishing I had an extra day to do sewing stuff.  But I had fun, to say the least.

Like last week, if I previously blogged about an item, you can click on any of the images for more details (ie jump to the blog post when I first featured the item).  I also have all of my MMM items on my flickr page which also includes some details.

Day 8

Unblogged Dress: New Look 6968 Pattern in a Burgundy Double Knit

I made this dress right before I started blogging a year & so ago.  This is my favorite t-shirt dress, it’s so comfortable I can wear it anywhere and I’ve made many different outfit combinations with it.

You may be wondering what I’m standing in front of also… This is a pop-up art installation that is hosted by Logan Square’s Comfort Station.  Click here if you’d like get more info.

Day 9:

Mad Men Dress: McCalls 6802

I felt like I have been wearing lots of dark colors of late so I wanted to switch it up and wear something a bit more fresh.  I paired my sleeveless dress with a lighter blue cropped cardigan.  I hope you all approve.  :)

Day 10:

BurdaStyle High-Waisted Trousers with Caledonia hand-knit top.

This top is tricky to wear since it’s on the shorter side.  I had blocked it a bit longer but it has since shrunk up again.  It works nearly perfectly with my high-waisted trousers with only pulling it down a few times…

Day 11:

Me Made: First Springtime Blouse with New Look 6808 Pattern

We had a casual day at work and wanted to take advantage by wearing some trousers (that look like jeans).  I also had a meeting in the am and didn’t want to be too casual so I paired my floral blouse with a basic black cardigan.

Day 12:

This is the day I fell off the wagon.  In the morning I did some cleaning and in the evening I took part in a really fun event called Journey to the End of the Night (Chicago Link & Facebook Link).  Long story short, it’s basically a huge game of tag with over 300 people playing this year.  The object is to get from the beginning check-in area through 6 different checkpoints throughout the city (covering many miles) without being tagged by a chaser (the “it” people).  If you get tagged you then become one of the chasers helping to tag others.

I went for the first time this year with Felix and my friend Jake and his dog Tus, who had played last year.  I had a close call with being tagged at the very first checkpoint and then we all got tagged out right before the second check point.  What’s funny is that as soon as you start getting chased the game becomes “every man for himself”.  I took off solo running away as did Felix and Jake.  Due to the rain, Felix ended up slipping on a manhole cover and did a face-plant.  He sustained some injury and his glasses were destroyed in the process.  He’s all good, but has some scrapes and bruises on his poor face.  Check out his more in-depth post about the event here if you’d like to read more.  :)

Day 13:

Unblogged Dress: Amy Buttler’s Liverpool Blouse/Tunic/Dress Pattern.  This is the very first dress I ever made and is perhaps either the second or third project I made with a pattern, all by myself.

I made a poor fabric choice did I not?!  It’s sooo loud.  It’s a basic shirt dress that has a tie at the waist, which I tied in the back.  The armscyes are a bit too low, but besides that it fits pretty decently still.  It’s just so loud.  heh

Doesn’t it just *pop*?!

My *pop* pose.

As I said earlier, I barely made it for Sunday’s outfit since I had been napping the better part of the afternoon.  I always need a power nap after hitting up the flea so early.  And I needed the nap for sure today since I had been running all evening the night before in Journey to the End of the Night.  (Yes… my legs are sore.  I don’t think I sprinted so hard before.)

I can’t wait to go to bed tonight and get a full night of sleep.  Hope you all had a nice weekend.

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