The Scissors Blouse

Before I left for my birthday drinks & dinner, I was able to hop outside really quick and take some photos of my newest make & official first make towards my 2016 Vintage Pledge.

Scissor Print Blouse

I feel so very 50’s with my blouse & hair even though I’m wearing thoroughly modern jeans.

Scissor Print Blouse

I can’t believe it’s already May and I’m only now posting up my first ‘vintage garment’ of the year.  While I did post about my 1940’s suit, it technically wasn’t made in 2016 – just blogged about – so it didn’t seem fair to add it in as an official Vintage Pledge Garment.

Scissor Print Blouse

Oh and hello Me-Made-May, I am totally participating in you too!


I don’t have enough bottoms to feasibly wear more than 1 item per day – but I consider it a win if I do.   So I’ve just committed myself to wearing one me-made article each day.

Back to my blouse…

Scissor Print Blouse

I used the Spadea N-1149 pattern, I personally call it my Katharine Hepburn pattern.  It was a very happy day when I finally snagged this off ebay a couple of years ago!


I love Katharine Hepburn and her movies.  I think she’s utterly lovely but she had a dislike of her neck so you can always spot her in fashionable, high-necked dresses, tops, or sporting a scarf.  This Charles LeMarie (aka Spadea) design is no exception.

Katharine Hepburn in Spadea

Image courtesy of Blonde at the Film  (Quick aside: I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole that is The Blonde at the Film; such a great site full of old, new-to-me movies and love all of the drool-worthy stills.)

Katharine even wore a short necklace on top of the dress to ensure the neckline stayed closed.

As you can see – I didn’t make a dress but I made up a little blouse instead.

Scissor Print Blouse


  • Raised the armscye up by 3/4″ – both on the bodice and the sleeves.
  • Shortened the dress into a blouse height
  • Shortened the sleeves to elbow length
  • Omitted the cummerbund/belt

Fabric & Notions Used:

  • Stretch Cotton via Emma One Sock, currently being re-ordered & in stock soon.
  • Steam a Seam for easy hemming on sleeves and bodice
  • Iron-On Interfacing for neckline/collar facing

Scissor Print Blouse

My first iteration of this was a dress in green silk shantung for Christmas.  But when I made up my muslin I made it short & loved the look of it.  I knew I had to make up this dress but as a blouse later on.  The idea ended up in that “When I have time I’ll do _______” category of makes; its not high priority but would be fun if I did.  Somehow I just decided that now was the time to make it and I’m so happy I did.

Scissor Print Blouse

Being a second make, it was supposed to be easy and effortless.

Shall I just say it was a horrible nightmare of a make and the scissor print is a pun on my mistake.  Cutting!

I decided to cut this pattern late in the evening after a full day of something-or-other.  The first piece (back bodice) was cut and then by the second (front bodice) I realized I had to cut it shorter than I intended.  But… I accidentally cut it at the longer-length and had no room for the sleeves.

All in all, my cutting mistake meant I had to piece in one sleeve in the worst way possible – right across the arm.  Ugh!

Scissor Print Blouse

It was such a stupid mistake and I was just angry with myself… I mean I know better right?!?!  But I still love this little top.  Note to self: Don’t cut anything later than 10pm!

Scissor Print Blouse

I used my scissor print on this  top b/c I actually fell out of love with it shorty after purchase.  I know….I know!

This top started off as an easy make, just something to wear around the house – gardening and whatnot since I didn’t care for the fabric anymore & I wouldn’t care if it got grubby.

Scissor Print Blouse

But… now that it’s all sewn up I luuuv it and have since fallen back in love with my fabric – despite the horrible sleeve cutting error.  (So far no one has noticed which I find both surprising and entertaining.)

Happy sewing and remember to think while you cut!  :)

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