First Springtime Blouse

I’m happy to report that I’ve completed my blouse after that horrible day 2 weeks ago, with collar and all.

This is my first go at the New Look 6808 pattern.  I had made a muslin, but didn’t make a second muslin to check my corrections.  So this blouse is kinda my very-wearable muslin.

I bought this fabric late last summer, which is some sort of cotton blend.  It’s quite shifty and loves to shred the moment it’s cut.  Honestly, I think it’s most likely a low quality fabric, but it was too pretty to resist.  I’m not sure how long the blouse will last, I tried to take extra precautions to prevent unraveling (french seams wherever possible along with serging) and with all of this, I think I’ll still be washing it by hand.

Taking advantage of the most unseasonably warm weather today, I threw this outfit on right before my husband and I were walking down to get some coffee, as an afternoon refresher.  (I had a refreshing iced soy latte.)

I’m talking really, really warm!  I believe it got up to 80 degrees today!  In March!  People, I don’t think we’ve ever had such nice weather so soon.  Like ever!  Sadly, I doubt it will last much longer, but I’m glad I was able to bribe Felix to take a few photos.

When Felix asked where I wanted to go take some photos, I pointed across the street to this great big yellow bush/tree/thing.  The grass is turning green, but there’s still a lack of color on the trees and all I could see was this giant yellow bush which seemed like a wonderful flash of color to stand next to.

Detail shot of the infamous tricky collar:

I stayed pretty true to the pattern and didn’t alter things too much.  I ended up shortening the armscye a great deal by ‘cheating’.  When I say I cheated, it’s because I stitched the shoulders at least 1″ and 5/8’s lower and recut the neckline, instead of shortening the bodice at the upper chest or by raising up the armscye (and then refitting the shoulders/upper chest area).  And instead of readjusting the sleeve, I used the same sleeve pattern and made lots of soft gathers at the top of the sleeve cap instead of having a very flat & smoother cap.  (I think I like my new sleeves much better than the original.)

Okay, enough about blouses…. let’s talk birds.

This is me and my new pal, Birdie:

Felix and I had such a fun trip to get coffee.  First we saw two guys right outside our apartment walking on a slackline.  Felix tried it out, but since I was wearing a skirt I had to decline.  Then, as we were walking towards the yellow bush/tree/thing we happened upon a woman (Ellen) working on a crossword puzzle and she had her pet bird outside, chillaxing together.  I couldn’t stop without saying something and she let me pet and hold Miss Birdie.

I’m not sure what it is about birds, but I think they’re such characters and can be a lot of fun.

Birdie, just watching me watch her play with a twig.

After taking some blouse photos, I found a rope hanging from a tree, steps away from the giant yellow bush.  It was just hanging there, begging for me to give it a whirl:

I walked away from this guy with a rope burn on my knees, but it was fun and worth it!  (And yes, I think my legs are as pasty-white as my skirt.  heh)

So much happened in a quick walk to get some coffee, all within 20 minutes and within 2 blocks from my home.  This is why I absolutely love living in the city.  You never know what fun, unexpected thing will happen next.

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