Week 1 Recap of Me Made May 2012

Hey everyone!  I’ve officially made it through the first week of Me-Made May.  :)

So far so good…  I feel like I lucked out of trying to figure out what to wear over the weekend.  Saturday I dressed up a bit for Meg’s Sewing Social and then Sunday it was a bit chilly here so I pulled out one of my thicker short-sleeved hand knits and wore it with some jean-like trousers.  Hopefully I can eek out a Renfrew top before too long.

Staying true to my own photo concept of taking photos along my path to work, these images are all taken on Logan Blvd (with the exception of the weekend where I was out and about).

If I previously blogged about an item, you can click on any of these images for more details (ie jump to the blog post when I first featured the item).  I also have all of my MMM items on my flickr page which also includes some details.

Day 1:

Un-blogged Judy Skirt via BurdaStyle.

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Un-blogged basic skirt & my very 1st sewing garment ever!

Day 4 is a multi-purpose picture.  I’m standing outside a shop at the corner of my street, but most importantly it satisfies the photo-challenge posted on the MMM flickr site of ‘favorite food’.  I’m eating macarons….french macarons.  Sooo delicious!!!

I could eat these all day, and actually did when I was on my honeymoon in Paris.  My husband consented to go macaron shop-hopping all over town with me and got quite sick of them by the time we left Paris.  But longed for them when we got to Italy.  heh

Day 5:

Day 6:

Un-blogged hand-knit top, the pattern is on my ravelry page here.

Day 7:

I’ve remained very true to what I normally wear, day in and day out, to work.  The only day I didn’t feel quite like myself was Sunday (Day 6).  While I loved this knit when I made it, I feel like the outfit isn’t really “me” anymore.  It’s too modern and doesn’t match my current style.

I’ve been thinking about the concept of wearing “frosting” vs. “cake” like Tasia blogged about 2 weeks ago… and I’m not sure I 100% agree with what she said.  I see that there may be items that are deemed more practical and staples than others, but some of my most-worn items could kinda be construed as frosting and yet they get more wear than my “cake” items.  I know she’s talking about a piece than can be worn many different ways, but I can’t help but feel that something like my floral pencil skirt is frosting when I wear it like it’s a piece of cake.

Who’s to say what one person’s frosting is another person’s cake, ya know?!  I feel like we (Americans) continue to dress more and more casual wearing basics like jeans and T’s to work and even when we go out  dinner.  Yet we all lament not being able to dress to the 9’s with all of our fab hats and gloves.  It all feels a bit catch-22 to me.

That being said, I know I just complained at wanting a casual me-made T-shirt for the weekends.  heh  But inside-lounge clothes to me are different from work-wear; or at least they are to me until I find some cute vintage patterns that are as comfy as my yoga pants.

I do need some more casual & comfy, weekend-wear pieces that speak to my vintage-loving self.  I think my nautical-inspired jumper would be a hit….  Are there some other patterns you guys have seen and could recommend for a casual & vintage, weekend look?

And what do you guys thing about frosting vs. cake?  Agree-Disagree or are you somewhere in the grey like I seem to be?

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  1. Marie May 8, 2012 — 7:55 AM

    I love your outfits so much, and the pop of colour on Day 3 is just perfect! On the frosting vs cake debate, I think I’m in the grey middle like you! I think it’s all relevant really and I could live in dresses all the time if I had enough I loved (this summer I hope to sew up a fair few)!

    1. Liz May 8, 2012 — 11:14 AM

      Thanks Marie. :)

  2. Katrin May 8, 2012 — 8:37 AM

    Oh wow, the dress you wore on Day 7 is a total stunner! I also very much like the whole outfit of Day 4 :)

    1. Liz May 8, 2012 — 11:31 AM

      Thanks Katrin. My day 4 is a very modern styling, but this orange T gets a lot of use. I have an identical one in a B&W polka dot, but surprisingly the orange one gets worn much more.

  3. I think I love Day 4 best (but that might be the macarons’ influence — yum!) but all your outfits are fantastic!

    I think I wear frosting more than anything else (but then I mostly wear dresses– can dresses be cake, too?) until Sunday afternoons when I wear yoga pants and sweatshirts… so I guess those are “crumbs.” I used to have more clothes that are a step up from the sweatshirt but less fancy than frosting… but then I never seemed to want to wear them. Maybe more knits are the key for me — they can look polished but still casual.

    1. Liz May 8, 2012 — 11:20 AM

      Macarons are the best aren’t they?!

      I feel the same way about my wardrobe… I have nice clothes for work but nothing that is casual for the weekends that feels like me (or is vintage-inspired).

      I’m hoping once I’m better at making pants/trousers along with knits those can be incorporated into my weekend wear.

  4. Lauren May 8, 2012 — 10:12 AM

    I’m with ya on your side of frosting vs cake – yes, my clothes are pretty frosting-eqse (haha), but I wear them like cake. I enjoy wearing colors & prints, and prefer to use those as my staples (rather than a bunch of neutral colors in “safe” shapes). And, even though it’s not required, I enjoy dressing up for work. Gotta wear those clothes somewhere!

    Really, though, for my summer weekend look I wear lots of sundresses, high-waisted shorts, and simple knit tops. It’s harder for me to look nice on the weekend in the winter, since it’s so cold & all I want to do is wear yoga pants & fuzzy socks! Which is interesting, since I find it much easier to look nice for work in the winter – lots of wool, tights, and knit sweaters.

    You know what, I have no idea where I’m going with this comment haha. But I just wanted to say that your whole outfit log of the first week is super cute! And I love that picture of you in your Ceylon with your polka dot (!!!) umbrella :)

    1. Liz May 8, 2012 — 11:22 AM

      Thanks Lauren. I need some more casual sun dresses for the summertime. Now that I’m able to fit armscyes much better this year I’m hoping that I can make a few…. Speaking of sun dresses have you seen the new Sewaholic pattern?

  5. Tasha May 8, 2012 — 10:33 AM

    I think it’s what frosting and cake is for you personally. If it’s an item that is a staple you wear all the time, even if it has frills or is patterned or lacy, it’s cake for you, personally.

    In terms of sewing, I need to focus on cake because I rarely wear what I’ve sewn (of course, I sew waaaaay less than you lol). In general I need more solids in my wardrobe but like Tasia said, who wants to really sew those? Ugh.

    1. Liz May 8, 2012 — 11:27 AM

      Thanks Tasha. :) I love your 40’s jeans that you’ve worn on your blog. I need to make me a pair of those since that’s a fun, vintage ‘cake’ item.

      Sewing basics can be so very deflating. I’m working on a basic right now and it’s really bland because of my materials. I’m trying to use up some plain charcoal fabric on my first piece so that I can iron out any fitting issues. If all goes well my next one will be more exciting and less-lame. :)

  6. Sherral May 8, 2012 — 10:42 AM

    Wow! Your outfits are so awesome! You make me made may look easy!

    For my lifestyle there is a huge difference between frosting and cake. I’m an at home mom and I have three little kids so most of the time I’m in the basic t-shirt and jeans uniform. My “cake” items need to be things I can wear without being too stressed out if they get a little mussed up. I’m more of a knitter right now, so this usually means simple stockinette cardigans in heathered colorways – you know, to help hide all the lint that gets picked up throughout the day, ha!
    My frosting items are reserved for date nights and church on Sunday, mostly.
    I really liked the original frosting vs. cake post and reading through the comments inspired me a bunch. I realized that basic cake items can become a little more frosting-esque when made in fun colors or prints. I was inspired to create a color board for myself over on pinterest and that has been helpful. And it was where I first read the term “sew-no-orphans” which basically means to plan out what you’re making so you’ll have other items to wear it with.
    So yeah, thinking of clothes as frosting vs. Cake definitely makes sense for my lifestyle. But I am definitely intrigued by the idea of making “cake” items a little more like “frosting”, and “frosting” a little more like “cake”.

    1. Liz May 8, 2012 — 11:30 AM

      Thanks so much Sherral. I appreciate hearing from the other side of the coin since you have to wear cake most of the time based on your job at home.

      I honestly only own 2 pairs of jeans and NO shorts. Shorts and me don’t mix. So I frequently wear skirts. But sometimes one does need a few basics for running around and even for cleaning.

  7. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about begining to sew clothes this year is that I can make pretty but practical dresses for work and play! For me, that means skirts at least to the knee, no cleavage, and easy to wear with tights of leggings. The “frosting” for me is anything delicate or showing more skin than I would wear to teach in!

    Part of what I appreciate about the cake/frosting thing is that both are delicious and special! It’s not plain bread vs. pie (an unequal battle, to me at least) … it’s really two awesome things that make life fun.

  8. Jo May 8, 2012 — 8:44 PM

    I don’t have much to say on the frosting vs cake issue, all I want to say is your Ceylon looks awesome! AND, love the hot pink top on day 3. Your outfits are lovely :)

  9. Meg May 9, 2012 — 2:34 PM

    I adore your outfits, and I think the macarons make an excellent accessory! I’ve been thinking a lot about frosting v cake since this month began. I would love to wear all of my favorite pieces, but they aren’t practical for every day wear at work (I got in major trouble for wearing my Royal Wedding Refashion – I think the shoulderpad hat may have pushed the outfit over the edge). So, I’m dressing conservatively at work, and if I have plans for the night or weekend, then I wear the more fun items. I feel like I need more cake pieces, like solid color pants or solid tops, and that way I could wear my icing pieces more often (since they are mostly patterned). It’s tough, but I think I have much more fun time icing in my closet when I need work appropriate cake. Totally. Boring.

  10. cat May 11, 2012 — 1:24 PM

    day 1 skirt is so adorable!!!! great pleating girl :)


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