Nautical Striped Pullover

Since I got a lot of positive comments on the last knit design I posted from Women’s Day: To Knit and Wear, I thought I’d post up another one from the same booklet.

The is a little summery, kimono sleeved pull-over, perfect for those sail-boat rides I know you all take.  :)

Click on the following link to download the free knitting pattern as a pdf: Nautical Striped Pull-over.

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I thought it would be fun to keep with this week’s unintended theme of all things Nautical.  :)

This is a multi-sized pattern ranging from size 12-18, or bust size 30″ to 38″.  I think this little pull-over is darling, but I think having a boat-neck collar would greatly enhance the design.  But I guess if that were the case, I might as well knit this or this instead.  heh

One of the plus-sides of this design is the lack of sleeves, well set-in sleeves that is.  The only seaming that you’d have to do is the underarm to the hem and the tops of the shoulders.  Knitting this pull-over would be very straight forward.

On sewing nautical, I unfortunately don’t have any new images to share with you guys today of my dress, but I’m getting very excited!  I finished the skirt pieces last night and they’re hanging so the bias stretches enough before hemming.  I stitched up the back bodice piece, but have realized that I’m going to have to recut the front bodice since I wasn’t thinking…  The darts are going to throw the pattern out of whack and I’m going to take a cue from Gertie and rotate to darts to the center front seam.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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