Hayes Fashions: Separates and Footwear

I’m back again today with some more scans from Hayes Fashion Catalog from Fall 1958/Winter 1959, only this time it’s the pages on separates and footwear.

If you’re interested, here are the links from my prior posts with images of dresses from the same catalog: Coats, Dresses Part 1, Dresses Part 2.

It’s hard to tell which I love more… dresses or separates.  Do you guys have a preference?

Kicking it off, check out the great red number on the far right.  I’m not sure which I adore more, the blouse or the skirt.

These outfits are nice, but I can definitely 60’s fashions coming and moving away from the New Look.

The waists don’t appear quite as cinched as they were 5 years prior; the blue number is quite loose around the midsection.

These blouses look perfect for layering.

Item B is my favorite of the bunch, the pleats the flowers, and unique waistband are wonderful.  Again, things are getting looser here in the blouses as well, see item E.

Pants! These look like some high-waisted clovers.

Oooo!  Ruffle collar on J is cute, especially when paired with the Jumper on item N.

Camping Gear?

These page shouts ‘active wear’.  The cute flooded pants with the plaid jacket would be really cute together for spring camping trip.

Basic Skirts:

Aside from the pleated skirt at the end, these really don’t do much for me…

Footwear time!  This first page of shoes is wonderful, don’t you think?!  Did you guys happen to see Casey of Elegant Musing’s post this week about finding modern shoes with that Vintage flair?  Check out her post here for lots of good tips.

I have no idea which I like best; they’re all so great.  :)

A bit more every day shoes:

If you like the platform loafer, item K, I saw something quite similar from Naturalizer here.  I also saw the same ones on the Nordstrom’s website.

More wonderful shoes:

The lower right two pairs are my favorites on this page, the Cushion Steps.  They look fashionable and look comfortable to wear walking around outside.

Career Women Shoes and Casuals:

You can’t go wrong with a basic loafer/Oxford shoe which is a timeless fashion and are still very easy to find today.

Well, that wraps it up for this week’s Hayes fashions post.  Next week will be the last week of the Hayes fashions, which will be all about lingerie/undergarments.

Have any favorite shoes from the catalog or links to share about vintage footwear for everyone to check out?

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