Ravelry Bunny Swap

No, this isn’t a post about swapping rabbits with other people.  But how cool would that be?!

On the knitting/crochet website Ravelry, I’m in a group called ‘Bunny Rabbit Lovers’.  Originally the group most likely formed for people to talk about their angora rabbits, in reference to using their hair for spinning/selling.  But for me, it’s my daily to-go place for chatting with my fellow yarn-lovers about our pet bunnies.

Back in November there was talk on the forum to hold a ‘swap’, and I couldn’t have been more excited.  Every swap is slightly different, basically what happens is that each person spends a set amount of money and either makes something or sends a gift using that x-amount.  This swap was all about the bunnies and their bunny owners.  We were to spend only $30 and we had to buy at least 2 items for the bunny and the rest can be spend on the owner, in whatever way the buyer feels fit.  Everyone that participated filled out a questionnaire so the buyer could get an idea of likes/dislikes of their person and the buns.

This is the first swap I’ve participated, so I wasn’t sure exactly what kinds of stuff people end up sending based on these questionnaires.

What I ended up gathering for my person, BunnyQueen, was 2 skeins of lace weight malabrigo yarn in a deep blue, a package of knitting needle holders, and all sorts of bunny treats and toys.  Since this swap was on the Rabbit lovers site, I thought it should have more of an emphasis on the bunnies vs. their owners.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the package I sent out.  But I was assured by my swapee that it was much loved.  :)

But upon coming home this evening from work, I was greeted by my own brown paper wrapped package from YarnGeekFibers.

My excitement continued as I unwrapped all of the pretty, colorful tissue-wrapped items.  It felt like I had just a second Christmas.

My swapee sent me a large jar of dried fruits (treats) for the bunnies, a willow ball filled with hay (which the buns quickly annihilated), a green ‘Happy Day’ candle, precious hard candies reminiscent of my childhood, ‘shampoo that rocks’, handmade chapstick via etsy, 4 skeins of a wonderful mauve italian wool, 2 pkgs. of hot chocolate, 2 silly mini-bun dolls, and chocolates.  I can’t believe she only spent $30!!!

And last, but not least, she sent me the Vintage Knitwear for Modern Knitters book.  This little book is filled with cute vintage sweater and scarf patterns.  The book was complete with a handmade bookmark to go in it.

I flipped through and immediately had to get yarn to make these two beauties:

Maybe is the bunny swap, but coincidentally enough both of these patterns are made with angora.  (There are tons of sweater patterns that are with wool, too.)  I just bought some white angora to make the bolero with and I also bought some white malabrigo sock yarn to be combined with a mohair, to give it that soft, delicate look.  I can’t wait to start swatching.

If you love vintage patterns, I highly recommend either buying or checking this book out at your local library; it won’t disappoint.

BTW, one thing my husband has come to realize is that I LOVE receiving any type of mail.  Happy Day!

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