NYC Day Trip

Hey guys!  Guess who’s going to NYC this Saturday for a shopping trip???

NYC Fashion District


About a month back, Michelle of Tres Bien Ensemble mentioned she had a free flight to use and was thinking about going to NYC for a fabric trip.  Envious as I was, I was excited for her.

Then… she mentioned it on Twitter, and my name was mentioned that I should be going too.  I also thought so, but then was like “Why don’t I go???”  What’s holding me back??

I’ve been focusing so much on my house as of late, that I didn’t think it really rational/feasible that I go too.  I mentioned it to Felix who was all about me going if I wanted to.

Not 10 minutes later I went and purchased my airfare for the day trip.  It was a pretty easy decision to make after all.  And this will be my FIRST trip to NYC as an adult & for a fabric expedition.  Sooo terribly excited, I’ve waited too long to go.

So, I’ll be in NYC this Saturday (October 4th) for a quick shopping excursion, lunch, and mini meet-up.  If any NYC gals are wanting to meet-up be sure to send me a message so I can include you in on the email chain we’ve got going of our schedule.

*Yay*  So excited!!


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