Stitchcraft Freebie: Beaded Lucelle Jumper

Today’s freebie pattern comes, once again, from the March 1955 edition of Stitchcraft Magazine.

Click on the following link to download the pattern as a pdf: Beaded Lucelle Jumper Pattern.

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While we’re in the middle of winter, I’ve managed to pick a spring/summer jumper to share with you all today, instead of being all practical and posting up a cozy, winter sweater.  Ahh well…  At the very least we can start wishing for the warm weather.

I continue to love tailored-looking knits and this one is right up there with the best of them.  The detailing at the yoke is not achieved by a different color yarn, but its done with beading!  Doesn’t that sound fun to try?!

I hate to admit it but I’m still shy of doing color work (besides stripes).  Adding in beads to a jumper sounds easier than multiple stranded knitting, and I bet it is!  It would be the perfect way to add in more detail and color to your knits without the fear of 2 strands.  heh

*Don’t worry, I’m slowly working my way to two colors*.  In all fairness, I have knit 1/2 of a fair-isle vest but I actually have no idea how I did such a feat.  I don’t think I was doing it properly or with correct tension.

Besides the beading, I’m in love with the petite peter pan collar.  They make everything look chic and feminine, don’t you think?!

Pattern Details:

This pattern comes only in one size: 34-35″ bust.  But it could be easily graded larger by adding in the necessary amount of stitches from the waist on up.

The tension of this jumper is 9.5 sts and 12 rows to an inch over stockinette stitch.  (Using a US sized 1’s.  Eeeep!  This is even a smaller gauge than the standard fingering-weight yarn (thinking of Cascade Heritage as a standard).  You’d need a light-weight fingering for this jumper.

But honestly, if this were me knitting it up, I’d choose my favorite “regular” fingering-weight yarn and adjust the pattern to match my new gauge.  I personally would find it difficult to use 1’s on an entire sweater.

As you know, I’m heading out for a night on the town with my hubby in my very own *COMPLETED* Macaron dress.

And if my weekend wasn’t full enough, my sister-in-law is in town and we’re heading to the zoo Saturday morning/afternoon with her family.  Aaaand then my parents are coming for a visit on Sunday.  It’s a very busy weekend for me, but perfect since I’m not on a deadline anymore for my sewing projects.  Hope you guys have a great weekend yourselves!

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