Christmas Spoilings

I’m a bit behind on things that happened in late 2012 after being sick and then going on vacation, but here we are.  I got some incredibly lovely things for Christmas and I just have to share them with you peeps.

Christmas gift-giving this year was kept to a minimum.  I primarily purchased gifts for my husband, Felix, my parents, and all of my nieces and nephews.  (This is as minimal as I can go anyhow.)  Since things were kept to a minimum the only gifts I received this year were from my parents and husband.

Felix and my mom are two of the best gift-givers ever!  Plus I think they really know me and what I love which makes them very in tune with what I like.  So does it come to much surprise that they nearly gifted me the same thing this Christmas?!

From Felix:

From my mom:

Okay… yes it is a bit crazy that they managed to get me nearly the same thing!  But do I mind one bit at having two pairs of bunny book ends: You better believe NOT!  heh

The bookends from Felix has long been in my favorites (3 years or so) and I was truly surprised to have received them at long last since I thought they have been discontinued. (Restoration Hardware-Baby section.)

I happened to open up my mom’s gift of bookends first and only after brief reflection did I recall seeing an instant wave of panic in my husband’s face as I unwrapped my gift.  But all is well now, since he knows that two pair is better than one and I love them both.

I got all sorts of other goodies from both my mom and Felix: sewing books, a few vintage patterns, Murakami’s newest book 1Q84, and more.


But the best was not to be had until later in the holiday for me since one of my packages from Felix was delayed (due to shipping).  Only when I opened up my gift did I forgive him…

Can you believe it?!  Somehow my husband was able to snag me the best basket purse that ever is to be had and it’s now MINE!  ALL MINE!  hehhehe  (Back-story here)

It’s like he must have been listening to me moan and pine that I wish I bought it, all the while I was still belaboring at the hefty price tag.  I’m starting to think that husband’s Christmas gifts are wonderful things because they can rationalize getting you expensive things that you can’t justify paying yourself.

I couldn’t be a happier-camper after getting this gift. *hip hip*

At this very moment, my basket purse is sitting on my bookshelf right next to a bunny bookend.  It’s in my sewing room right in front of my ironing “station” so I get to look at it at least once every day and just smile.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, too, even if it was a month ago!  Any memorable gifts you received that you’re head over heels with?

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