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December 17

A Bit of Holiday Baking

Thank you all so much for such lovely comments on my hair, glasses and on my completed Vashon Sweater from last week.  You guys are the best, ever!

I didn’t do a ton of cruise projects this weekend, just a bit of knitting and sewing here and there.  I shall have something more to show you soon though since I am making a bit of progress.

What I did do this weekend is Christmas shopping all day on Saturday and then I did some baking for my corworkers, as gifts.

THE cookie I consistently make year after year is an oatmeal raisin cookie.  It’s such a simple recipe but it’s sooo tasty that I have people asking for them all the time.  So I thought it was the perfect treat for all of my coworkers, which I love they will love as much as I do.


I also baked up some fudggy (sp?) brownies, another simple but wonderful recipe (from scratch of course), but I already had them cut up and in Tupperware by the time I took these photos.  Again the brownies are for my coworkers, but they’re also to share with the rest of the office for our annual wine and cheese holiday party.

I used to bake a bunch more than I currently do, but I’m happy to still do it once in a while.  It’s just so hard since I want to eat it all and I’m trying to watch my waistline for the cruise.  You know…. swimsuit and all.  heh

Hope you all had a great weekend, too.

  1. Ginger / Dec 17 2012

    Yummy! I rarely bake these days, but I love to do it around Christmastime. :)

    But can we talk for a minute about your pink poodle tablecloth?! I love it!!

    • Liz / Dec 17 2012

      Heh. I actually made the tablecloth myself earlier this year. I was at Vogue fabrics and they had this in the home decor and I couldn’t pass it up. My mom was with me and bought the same fabric in a mint green colorway too. :)

  2. VickiKate / Dec 17 2012

    I love how festive the cookies look all wrapped up! And I’m with Ginger; your tablecloth is amazing!

  3. Tasha / Dec 17 2012

    My went first to the awesome tablecloth, then to the great dinette chair, THEN to the cookies. lol!

  4. Liz / Dec 17 2012

    These look delicious – you have some very lucky workmates! Loving the tablecloth too, so adorable!

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