Starring Stripes Jumper Pattern

I’m so excited to start sharing my recent finds (aka wins from ebay) with you all.  The first pattern is from the November 1936 edition of Stitchcraft magazine.  These earlier Stitchcrafts were more like magazines and not just filled with patterns.  They have style advice from their correspondent in Paris, an article or two, and even recipes.  These earlier ones really are gems.  I’ll see if I can’t scan them more thoroughly for you soon.

Today’s pattern freebie is the feature from the cover, the Starring Stripes Jumper pattern.

Click on the following link to download the pattern as a pdf: Starring Stripes Jumper Pattern.

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This a technical aside, but I tried to scale down the file size on these pdfs.  I know some of them are a bit large, so if you’re downloading this, please leave me a comment as to how the process was for you.

This pattern is designed for a 33-35″ bust and it’s knit using a 3-ply fingering weight yarn.  What’s perplexing is that the gauge states that it’s knit with a gauge of 6 stitches to an inch in width and 9 rows to an inch in depth using a US size 5 (or 3.75mm)

For me, knitting with US size 2 (or 3.0 mm) needle gives me a gauge of 8 sts per inch and 10 rows an inch.  So to use the same fingering weight yarn to get 6 sts per inch with the larger needle size sounds like you’d end up with a really holey sweater.

What I’m thinking is that the yarn is supposed to be thicker than a comparable yarn that I found online; it should be more like a sport-weight yarn.  This makes more sense given the needle and gauge.

What’s really wonderful about this jumper is that it’s knit sideways. (See the gauge swatch in the image above.)  From that I mean, you start at one side seam, knit to the front and end up at the other side seam.  This makes doing these colorful stripes really easy for any newbie wanting to delve into color (like myself).

Another plus to this jumper is that there are bonus instructions given for making this jumper into long sleeves.  I personally love the short-sleeved look, but with winter coming up I know that’s not very practical thinking.

Aside from the strange gauge issues, I’m really loving this jumper.  I can’t wait to share with you guys more patterns from this issue (bobbled ski sweater) along with the other 1941 stitchcrafts I recently got as well.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  Be sure to step outdoors away from all of your sewing and knitting for a while to enjoy the crisp fall air.

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