The October 2012 Giveaway Winners

Thank you guys so much for entering my October giveaway and for leaving me such great comments to read though.  Plus I wouldn’t be even having a giveaway in the first place if you guys weren’t following me (whether it be 200 or 400?!  Which is just pure craziness!!!)

Seriously can we talk about that for a second….  I don’t want to be braggy by any means but I feel like I’ve been aiming for 200 for so long that it was quite a shock to read from some of you that with Google I have just over 400 rss followers.  Complete shocker!!!  Okay… just had to ‘say’ that out loud.

Using a handy random number generator, the first place winner was comment #61 and the second place comment was #18.

Lucky winner #1 is Jolien who said:

I just love, LOVE that skirt! <33

For a few years I’ve been deeply in love with 50s style clothing and last year, being pregnant, I started sewing again… Must’ve been the hormones. Think I’d call myself a beginner as a sewer, so far I haven’t tried sewing clothes for me just yet, stuck to repairing clothes, a quilt, baby stuff and a bag…

Would love to learn more about sewing clothes for me, dresses particularly. Also I’m hoping to find more time this winter to actually gives Gertie’s coat a try. <3 Loved that coat ever since I saw it popping up on some sewing blogs!

Let’s hear a *Yay* for Jolien who I suspect will be choosing the skirt to have as her very own.

And the second lucky winner is Shinny Green Penny who wrote:

I am an intermediate sewist and I plan on sewing a wool coat this fall.  My other fall goal is to return to blogging and take photos of my finished projects.

And let’s give a second *Holla* to Ms. Penny.  :)


Thanks so much everyone for showing all of your love and support.  I asked you guys to leave a comment but I forgot that I didn’t answer it myself so here it goes:

What level of seamstress/knitter you are:  I consider myself to be an advanced intermediate seamstress .  I’m not sure that I’d ever consider myself an advanced sewer since I personally always feel like there is more fun stuff to learn.

As far as knitting goes, I consider myself a plain-old intermediate.  While I can make myself a pretty decent jumper, it takes me more effort and time to produce it than it takes me to sew.  What I mean to say is I’m much more confident in my sewing skills than I am with my knitting skills.

What you’re most interested in learning more about.  If you can’t think of anything new you want to learn, feel free to share your Fall/Winter sewing plans instead.

Hmmm… while I don’t have that ONE thing that I currently want to learn more about, the two projects I’m anxious & motivated to start on for the fall/winter is 1.) A pair of 100% perfectly fit trousers & Capri pants and 2.) A glamorous, frilly gown to wear on an upcoming cruise in January.

Once again, thanks so much everyone for entering in the giveaway.  And I’ll be in contact with the two winners shortly to get your addresses and whatnot.

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you guys the progress on my coat.

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