Stitchcraft Freebie: Classic Cabled Cardigan Pattern

Like last week, today’s freebie pattern comes from the July 1949 edition of Stitchcraft magazine, the classic Cabled Cardigan shown below on the left.

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Isn’t this pattern lovely?  I love the one on the right also.  *Leave a comment if you’d like me to post that one up for next week.*

Looking at the image above, I assumed that the sleeves were long, but actually they’re short sleeves.  I’m not crazy about that aspect since who wants to wear a short-sleeved winter cardigan.  This is one alteration I’d make to the pattern if I was knitting this up myself.

The waist has the exact same shaping at the waist as last week’s cardigan pattern, a (k1,p1) ribbing section.

This pattern is made to fit a 32-34 inch busted gal and isn’t multi-sized and calls for a slightly heavy weight fingering yarn with 7.5 sts per inch and 10 rows per inch.  If you’re a 36″ bust or larger, one easy way to make this larger is add a cable or plain column to the knit to get it a bit wider.  Or you could make the front button band wider to accommodate a fuller bust/waist/hip.  No one would be the wiser!

I love the delicate shade of blue, but for fall I think it would be exceptionally pretty in something like either of these:

These two yarns are from Berocco (Ultra Alpaca light), which I’m using on my Accessory for Your Spring Suit Jumper.  It’s a blend of alpaca and wool so it’s slightly fuzzy.  I think these colors are perfect for the fall since they have a muted, vintage look while still being fun colors.

Special Note:  While the yarn is specified as having a 5.75 sts per inch gauge, mine feels like a fingering weight yarn with around 7 sts per inch gauge using a size 3 needle.

As always, let me know if there is a particular type of pattern you’d like me to post up.

Have a lovely weekend!

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