A Whole Lot of Knitting

My blog post title is very appropriate for today but the other half of that sentence should be “and not a lot of sewing”.  I don’t think I’ve sat down to my sewing machine in close to 2 weeks now.  *Le Gasp*.

I’ve been dealing with a strange kind of cold for about 2 weeks now and it’s left me wanting to do a whole lot of knitting while I’ve been vegging on the couch.

After last-last Friday’s knitting post I got to thinking about my pattern choice.  I worked up a swatch of this 30’s jumper:

I did the swatch on my drive to Indianapolis using a wool/alpaca blend.  But after much thought & debate I decided against knitting this one up.  I think it’s adorable, but I also know that ribbing on my arms makes them feel like “sausage casings”.  I’d hate to knit this whole thing up only to feel uncomfortable.

On the car ride back I started to work on this ascot:

Then I remembered how terrible I am at color-work and wanted to make something “easier”.

Once I got home from Indianapolis that Sunday afternoon I took to my knitting booklets once again to choose a new pattern to work on.

Ultimately I knew I wanted to use my charcoal, light sport weight yarn that’s a mix of wool and alpaca.  It’s one of the oldest yarns I’ve had in my stash and I wanted to use it up.  In the end I decided to work on “Accessory for Your Spring Suit” from A Stitch in Time, Vol.1.

Since I’m using a slightly different weight yarn than the pattern uses, I’ve had to use my calculator quite a bit to figure out how many stitches to cast on and how many stitches to cast off for the armscye and the shoulders, etc.

Practically knitting non-stop since Sunday has gotten me about 3/4 of the way through the body of the sweater. 

I don’t think I’ve ever knit so much before in one week, ever!  (Although my right wrist/forearm is a bit achy.)

You can kinda see that my yarn is fuzzy like.  The jumper looks like it is one of those awful scratchy sweaters but it’s really quite soft to the touch due to the alpaca content. 

I did the body in the round and have separated for the front/back already and am working on the shoulders and neckline decreases.  It doesn’t look like a full jumper due to my camera angle, but there’s 12 inches from the hem to the cast off stitches on the armscye.  (Part of it is rolling to the underside also.) 

Once I finish the front shoulders, I’ll finish up the upper back and will join the shoulders using a 3 needle bind-off.  Then comes the sleeves and neckline-bow….  

I’ll start sewing again one of these days…. in the near future.  But right this second all I feel like doing is knitting!  :)

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