WIP: McCalls 4003

First things first… I have news to share.  I was recently asked by Leilani of Thriftaholic, a fellow Chicago blogger, if I would be up for giving an interview all about my love of vintage & sewing/knitting.  Being my first time asked to do an interview, how could I possibly say no?!  (I probably wouldn’t have said “no”, no matter what.)

The interview is up on The Vintage Bazaar’s website here, if you care to take a read.  *hip hip*

Secondly, thanks all so much for commenting about my recent trouser-fit issue.  I’m going to continue to read them to absorb all the information and see if I can’t make a major change for the next iteration of the Thurlow’s.  (I’m thinking some red pedal-pushers need to be made next before summer comes to a close).

Now, for today’s blog post:

The last I talked about the McCalls 4003 pattern, it was right after I had gotten all of the strange stains out of the fabric.  After which, I started working more on the Thurlow high-waisted Trousers since I was much closer to finishing them up instead of the dress.

Somehow or other, I switched back to my dress and look how much I got done this past week!

I whipped up the belt last night using a vintage belt kit, and basted the skirt to the bodice to try it on for the last time before doing the closures.  What’s left to do?  I have to stitch-for-real the bodice to the skirt, make coordinating green covered buttons, mark then stitch buttonholes & buttons, insert a side-seam zipper, and lastly hem the sleeves & skirt.

Oh dear… I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the fact that I got a dress form.  Truth be told, I’ve had it for quite some time but I rarely use it.  I’m still working on “puffing it out” to get it’s measurements to match mine.  In the meantime I have the shoulder and bust all padded out, so it makes an excellent display area.  heh  An expensive display… until I get it all padded out.  :)

I’ll be out of town once again this weekend so I won’t have much time to work on anything besides knitting during the 4 hr car ride to Indianapolis.  What’s the special occasion you may be asking?  Guess who’s grandmother-in-law is turning a fatty, 101 years old?!  Isn’t that crazy!!!  Felix’s grandmother is turning 101.

Every year the whole family gets together for Phoebe’s birthday parties.  Her hundredth birthday was a BIG deal last year, and with every passing year they remain big, fun affairs.  She’s still really with-it, just at a slower pace.  Can you believe she’s still cooking for herself and walking around (with a cane)?!  She’s really cute.  :)

Click here to see some images from her prior year’s birthday bash.

Stay tuned for a fun, knitting freebie pattern tomorrow.  :)

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  1. Evie August 9, 2012 — 9:41 AM

    This is so beautiful.

  2. Rachel August 9, 2012 — 9:46 AM

    The dress is lovely!
    Your grandmother-in-law looks like a real character :) How wonderful she is 101… I bet she has some great stories to tell!

  3. Kerry August 9, 2012 — 10:44 AM

    This is looking lovely – you’ve made great use of the border print.

  4. awww, the dress is beautiful Liz!
    101? Amazing! Have fun celebrating :)

  5. Meg August 9, 2012 — 1:25 PM

    It’s turning out beautifully! Have a great time with grandmother-in-law – 101 is a fantastic age to be celebrating!

  6. That fabric is Just. So. Beautiful!
    The border print is to die for, what a great find. And the green belt… be still my heart!

  7. Ginger August 11, 2012 — 2:07 PM

    This is looking great! What a perfect dress! And a very happy birthday to Felix’s grandma!

  8. Tasha August 17, 2012 — 10:26 AM

    The dress is looking gorgeous! Congrats on the interview, off to read it. :)

  9. Naomi~ August 22, 2012 — 11:46 AM

    I really love how this is turning out! I particularly adore the belt – it’s just so perfect!

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