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I’ve been the happy recipient of both sewing and knitting goodies by three wonderful gals.  For two of the three gift-givers, this post is shamefully overdue and for that I continue to feel guilty.  But I figured better late than never, right???

You all probably recall my 1st blogger meetup with the fab Tilly last month.  When I arrived home from work yesterday I found a surprise package in my mailbox from the lady.  :)

She knows me too well!  A cute pattern, polka dot piping!!!!, and some 40’s looking buttons.  YAY!  I think I would probably love anything with polka dots on it, so this piping is a big hit. 

 Thanks Tilly!  :)

 This is the one super kind gift that is really overdue!  Vicki was on the hunt for a pattern back in January/February

Back in February, Vicki of Vicki Kate Makes was on the hunt for the Secretary Pattern, which I had in my stash.  I sent it to her since I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get to it in the near future and I was also happily paying another favor forward. 

Right as I got back from my Florida vacation, I found this happy knitting package at my door. 

Being so busy unpacking from vacation and trying to catch up at work & home, it got lost in the shuffle and I never properly thanked her with a blog mention.  So to Vicki of Vicki Kate Makes… THANK YOU!  I love the yarn and the cute belt buckle.  :)

Last but not least is Andrea of Stitch Parade…  Technically this wasn’t a surprise package since I had won this lot of yarn in a giveaway but I had never posted it up online and I thought it high time I do.

Back in January I threw my hat into the ring to win some extra yarn that Andrea was giving away.  Loving yarn, alpacas, and pink I was so excited when I won.  I had no idea how much she was sending me, I photographed 7 skeins here but there’s at least another 4-5 in my stash from what she sent.  SO MUCH!  I think I can make a jumper and even have enough for a great color-work project.  Thanks so much Andrea, I love it.  Soo soft and squishy. 

Be sure to click on the “alpaca” link above.  Felix and I attended an Alpaca event in 2009… so many alpacas and silky yarn!  You won’t be sorry….  heh

*Sigh*  I feel better now.  Thank you so much you generous ladies you!  You rock!

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