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When I first started blogging a year and a half ago,very soon afterwards I got a blog award.  I had never seen one of them before, nor did I know what it was so I just assumed it was spam.  But in the past several months I’ve been noticing it more and more on lots of my fellow bloggers’ sites and realized it wasn’t spam but a fun thing to pass around to people.

So here I am, officially acknowledging I’ve received a few awards from you lovely people.  I’m sorry I haven’t posted sooner about it;  I’m truthfully chalking it up to my newbie-ness.

The first blogger award I recall receiving was the Stylish Blogger Award back in February 2011, from Katherine of Something in the Way She Sews and not a month later did I receive the same award from Petite Josette in March 2011.


Then I received the Liebster Blog award last April from Anna of Malmikon Palmikot, and again very recently from Vicki of Vickikate Makes along with the fashionable Laura Mae of Lilacs & Lace.

And then very recently I was given the Versatile Blogger Award from Lindsay of LinsayPindsay, LSASpacey of As I Said, Tina of Down the Retro Rabbit Hole , and Jennifer of The Musings of a Dedicated HouseFiancee.


My fellow Chicagoan Meg of Meg the Grand gave me a Sunshine Award.


I had no idea there were so many different blogger awards out there!  I think all of you lovely ladies are really sweet to be giving me awards and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to realize the awards are for fun (and aren’t spam like my hubby first told me).

According to tradition of theVersatile Blogger Award and Stylish Blogger Award here are 7 things you may not know about me:

  1. I love baking (and eating my baking); I’ve nearly perfected the perfect macaron and have made my friends their wedding cake.
  2. I know how to play 4 different instruments, all at different degrees of skill (in order of skill level they are): the flute, the viola, the violin, and a snippet of bag pipes. 
  3. I’m a (math) nerd at heart.  My favorite class in my junior year of high school was Physics and my favorite class my senior year was Statistics.  I got my Bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics and I got my Master’s degree in Applied Statistics.  
  4. I watch less than an hour of television a day, unless I’m doing my hand sewing in which case I get to watch some movies.  Generally my hubby and I like to eat dinner while relaxing to one of the following shows: Firefly, (the newest) Sherlock Holmes, Arrested Development, Doctor Who, Numbers, West Wing, etc.
  5. I used to own 3 scooters at one time, two Yamaha Vino’s and one Vespa LX 150, which is along story in itself.  But I now only own the Vespa and I hope to never be without a scooter while living in the city.
  6. I’ve had my car stolen and stripped to pieces, I’ve had the same scooter stolen twice, and I’ve had my wallet stolen in Italy in which I chased down (the 2 8-year-olds) and took back.
  7. I’m shy and have been known to skilfully avoid saying hello to old friends I know, all because of my shyness.  But I am getting a bit better…. maybe.  heh

In according to the Sunshine Award here are some of my favorites:

  • Favorite Color: Aqua
  • Favorite Animal:  I can’t possibly pick just one.  A few are bunnies, pugs, french bulldogs, seals, sea lions, penguins, and many many more.  
  • Favorite Number: factors of 3
  • Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Soy Latte with sugar free-vanilla which ties with Ginger Beer
  • Facebook or Twitter: Mehh  I’m not a huge fan of either.  I’m on facebook and I have yet to get a twitter account, but I’ve been slowly wearing down to getting one.  I just got a twitter account last Friday.  So you all can now follow me.  :)
  • My Passion: My husband, Felix.  Oh wait… we’re talking about crafts…  heh  Sewing would come next, then perhaps knitting, baking, reading.  I love that I’ve had lots of passions in my life and I hope to be able to have many more.
  • Getting or Giving Presents: I absolutely love getting mail and presents in the mail.  But I also like making people happy, giving surprises, and hosting giveaways. 
  • Favorite Pattern: I can’t possibly answer this for fear of offending the rest of my patterns.  I’m into 40’s and early 50’s blouse patterns at the moment.
  • Favorite Day of the Week: Thursdays or Saturdays.
  • Favorite Flower: Ranunculus, without a doubt!  They’re soo pretty.  My second favorite are hydrangeas.
  • Favorite celebrity role model: None.  I really don’t like the idea of role models… I think there are many awesome people in the world, and many have done amazing things for which the deserve credit.  But I don’t go as far as marking a person as a role-model.     

For the Versatile Blogger award I am to name 15 blogs, the Sunshine award calls for another 10, the Stylish Blogger award is another 10-15, and the Liebster blog award calls for 5.  I don’t know about you guys, but that’s a whole lot of blogs to mention in one post.  I follow at least double this number… but still I’d feel wierd about posting up a list of 45 blogs.

Instead here’s a list of 12 blogs that I’ve found and love.  Some of them may be you, others you may be familiar with and some of them are blogger newbies.

  1. Sherry of Pattern Scissors Cloth
  2. Lizz of A Good Wardrobe
  3. Rochelle of Lucky Lucille, I’m not sure who is cuter Rochelle or Lucille.  :)
  4. Valerie of Beyond the Curtains
  5. Sallie of Sallieoh who has great style
  6. Esme of Esme and the Laneway, gorgeous lady with fab vintage style
  7. Portia of MissP
  8. Lesno Marchewkowej, I can’t read a lick of her blog but she has wonderful projects and pictures
  9. The lovely Anna of Paunnet
  10. Marie of A Sewing Odyssey
  11. Annabelle of Annabellebumps
  12. Andrea of Foursquarewalls

Thanks so much for giving me all of these blogger awards and happy blogging.  :)

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