Rompers: Yay or Nay?

I just happened to be on the anthropologie site and I fell in love…. with a romper.  It’s more like a jumpsuit but they’re calling it a romper.

Isn’t it cute?!

I’m going on my first-ever cruise in January 2013 and I’m already getting excited about all of the fun, nautical inspired pieces I can make for it.  Wouldn’t this jumper be cute in a similar jeans material but perhaps with either red & white or navy & white stripe detailing (belt, trim, pocket flaps, & buttons)?!  Or maybe in a really light, flowy material (with underlining of course).

Now… how do I make this for myself?!  heh 

I’m 4’11” and would be willing to wear some comfy platform shoes to achieve at least a 5-foot status so I could have more leg-length. 

I’m thinking a Gertie-bombshell top would be nice coupled with a wide leg trouser pattern or a bell-bottom trouser pattern…

For some perspective, this is me in a pair of high-waisted Burda trousers (light weight wool) on the left and some store-bought (cotton sateen) trousers on the right:

I’m wearing a slight heeled shoe on the left, maybe 1.5 inches high in the heel but flat at the toe.  And the image on the right I’m wearing a pair of white platforms with 2.5″ in the back and 1″ at the toe.  (I have one other pair of platforms that are true platforms with like 2-3″ at the toe and even more at the heel.

I know I have stumps for legs… but maybe??? it could work???  heh

Thoughts?  I’m open to hearing positive and negative!  I’d rather have honest feedback than spend a month working on a project that would look horrible in the end.

Do you think there a way this look could ever work for a shape like mine (pear-shaped & short)?  Or should it never be attempted?

But before you suggest it, shorts are not on the menu.  I haven’t worn shorts since high school, and I doubt I ever will unless forced.  Capris and pedal-pushers are okay though…

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