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April 16

A quick sneak peek

I feel bad I don’t have an official post up today.  I was up till 1am sewing my nautical dress and the hem remains unfinished.  I’m hoping I can finish the hem during my lunch hour.

The dress is currently hanging out on one of my office chairs waiting for its official debut this evening for photos.  I don’t want to hang it up since it’s cut on the bias and is prone to stretching.  So it’s just resting…


What you’re seeing is the front of the skirt… And sorry for the shoddy image, I took it with my phone.

Can’t wait to share it officially with you guys!  :)

  1. Sue / Apr 16 2012

    I can’t wait to see you model it! The skirt alone looks amazing and everything matches up PERFECTLY! I’m in love with the chevron effect – good eye picking out that fabric. :)

  2. gail / Apr 16 2012

    Stunning! Can’t wait!

  3. Meg / Apr 16 2012

    Ooo…can’t wait!

  4. Sassy T / Apr 16 2012

    As per said by the others.

  5. Ginger / Apr 16 2012

    Eek! Can’t wait to see it! Happy hemming!

  6. Liz / Apr 16 2012

    *Phew* I just had a marathon hemming session in my office over my lunchbreak! Now… if only I had a second lunchbreak to sew in the fastenings for the waist stay…. heh

    Oh well… I’m sure no one will be the wiser if I use a safety pin for the photoshoot. :)

    • Tasha / Apr 16 2012

      You are a crazy addicted sewist! lol Can’t wait to see the result!

  7. Rachel / Apr 16 2012

    Looks good- can’t wait to see it in action ;)

  8. Donna / Apr 16 2012

    Pretty colors in the skirt.

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