Nautical Dress: Cutting in Progress

I feel bad that I’ve been M.I.A. for the better part of the week.  I’ve had a busy work schedule and I haven’t had much time for anything else.  Over the last few days I’ve managed to cut a piece out here and there for my Nautical Dress and last night I was able to cut nearly everything else (except the contrast sash).

Talk about mega plaid matching!!!

When I was initially laying out my pattern pieces I thought I was barely going to make do with the amount of fabric I had.  And in the middle of cutting I had cut two pieces incorrectly which was a major “I SUCK” moment.  I set them aside hoping I could use my two miss-cut pieces for another part of the dress like the bodice or the sleeves.  Last night I was able to!  hip hip!

Fast forward to now: I have all my pieces cut out with fabric to spare!  I’m blaming that on my awesome shortness. *Wooot*  I laid out the pattern pieces of the skirt at their full height when I was guestimating my yardage, but in the end I cut my skirt pieces with 6″ less length at the hem.  This means I have some 3/4 to a yard of fabric left over to play around with for my sleeve layout and even possibly a matching belt.

The image below is all of my skirt pieces (save 1) and my front bodice:

Isn’t the chevron-y pattern awesome?!  I’m soo happy with how the pieces ended up.  Each and every seam matches all around the skirt and even on the bodice.  Let’s just hope I’m able to sew them all with the same accuracy I did with cutting.

My plan to finish on time? 

  • Thursday: Basting all of the vertical seams to let them hang over night.  Stitching for-real the darts on the bodice.  Aaaaand if I’m lucky, stitching for real the shoulder seams with some stabilization.
  • Friday: Stitching all of the vertical seams for-reals & construct neckline sash.
  • Saturday: Joining the bodice to the skirt, work on 2nd fitting, set in sleeves, more fitting, inserting a waist-stay because this dress is gonna be heaaavy, and then add-on the neckline sash.  Let it hang overnight!
  • Sunday: Insert the side-seam lapped zipper (on the bias??? eeep!) & the dreaded hemming.

Am I missing anything?  Oh yeah, I have to find some time to eat lunch and dinner…  heh

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