March Giveaway Winner

Thank you all for your awesome response to the March Giveaway.  I loved reading all of your comments about your favorite tools and tips for beginners.  I’m really excited at the idea of having more input from you guys like a QA or more polls to get your input.

I’m happy to announce the winner of the March Giveaway’s had the unlucky number of 13.  How funny!

Oh goodness that’s easy, I wish I had invested in a sewing gauge when I first starred sewing because my seam allowances were never correct and I ended up with very strange-looking garments and used to get so very frustrated! It’s a good thing I smartened up and got one later!

Which means Salma of Beautifully Sewn has won the March giveaway!

I have a confession to make: I have never used my sewing gauge.  I always end up using a clear ruler to mark my hems…  Perhaps Ms. Salma you could document how you use yours and I may give using mine a shot.  :)

Congrats Salma!  I’ll be emailing you shortly to get your shipping info and all that jazz.

Like I said before, I’m hoping to be more consistent with the giveaways and will most likely alternate between knitting and sewing focused giveaways so there’s something for everyone.

Thanks again for participating and for those of you who didn’t win, they’ll be many more chances to win in the upcoming months!  :)

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