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February 29

Floral Stitchcraft Jumper

Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments on my Valentine’s Day dress.  So far I think it was the coldest photo shoot I’ve had this winter; luckily I think Chicago’s been having a very mild winter this year.

I think I’m going to blame it on my Florida trip, but all I seem to think about now is springtime.  I want to make sun dresses, plan out my spring wardrobe, and buy fabrics and yarn in fresh, bright colors.  Is anyone else getting the spring-itch???

I even started a new pinterest board for myself with some spring fashion faves.  Eggshell (ie Tiffany blue) has been one of my longstanding favorite colors but I sadly don’t have a lot of garments in that shade.  So I’m really loving all of the light blues and aquas I’ve been seeing, as well as pale pinks and white.  I feel I’m going to be digging in my stash in hopes of making items in any of these colors.

Since I’m heavily into spring, at the moment, I had to post up the prettiest spring jumper I found in my search to post for today’s freebie knitting pattern.

Click on the following link to download the pattern as a pdf: Floral Jumper Pattern.

Click here to add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue or Favorites.

I honestly don’t know what’s not to love about this jumper: the peplum, the cinched waist, the flowers, the color scheme, the boatneck, or the mini cap-ish sleeves.  This pattern is begging to be made by you (and me)!  This pattern comes from the August 1949 edition of Stitchcraft.

The tension calls for 7.5 sts per inch over a stockinette stitch; for me this suggests a heavier fingering weight yarn or perhaps a light sport weight.  The jumper pattern is designed for a 32-34″ bust, but I’m sure you could just add a pattern repeat or two (or more) as needed to get the desired width.  The peplum of the jumper is created by stitching shirring elastic on the inside of the jumper; this to me, suggests that a decent amount of ease is built into the pattern around the waistline.

I can’t say enough glowing things about this pattern, but perhaps I should just add it into my spring queue.  I will if you will.  :)

  1. Kerry / Feb 29 2012

    Gosh this is just so pretty! I love it. Nice choice.

    I really need to finish the fairisle sweater which is clogging up my knitting queue, then I could start to make something pretty like this. You should definitely make it! :)

  2. Rachel / Feb 29 2012

    I have a 1950’s cardigan on the needles- hoping to make IT into a lovely spring outfit :)

  3. Tasha / Feb 29 2012

    That’s a pretty one! Though lots of intarsia, yack. I think it would be great if you swapped the pink for Tiffany blue! That’s definitely one of my favorite colors but I seem to have almost none of it in my wardrobe. I really have to do something about that this year.

  4. Emma / Feb 29 2012

    I haven’t gotten the spring-itch this year… my seasons are too confused. I’m from Sweden, but I moved to France 4½ months ago and instead of what I know to be winter I experienced pansies and roses blooming in January, camelias and narcissus blooming in February, and right now it’s 16°C (61°F), yet the trees are still mostly bare. It seems like spring just passed me by, I missed it, and now I’m not sure whether to keep going on my spring sewing/knitting or get started on summer.

  5. Marie / Feb 29 2012

    This is to die for!!! I wish my knitting was advanced enough to try this out…I love it so much!!!

  6. Jennifer / Feb 29 2012

    Oh, I certainly have the spring-itch too! I had so many fall/winter items planned but then we never had much of a winter. Between the warm, sunny weather recently (complete with birds currently chirping outside the windows), the arrival of spring catalogs, and the spring challenge coming up on Sew Weekly, I’m definitely ready to banish dark colors! That sweater is certainly lovely…if only I knew how to knit.

  7. Lizz / Feb 29 2012

    That jumper is beautiful! I love the sleeves and the peplum. I may just have to sew something like this!

  8. Sherry / Feb 29 2012

    Ooh, this is so pretty and gorgeous – I want to abandon my current project and start now! Thanks for sharing Liz!

  9. Stephanie / Feb 29 2012

    The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and its 66 and fabulous! Spring has arrived for me whether it wants to or not. And today it wants to. I am behind on my winter sewing so I have two wool skirts to make up fast before all of the remaining cool days disappear.

  10. bonita / Feb 29 2012

    ~ * ? * ~

    How absolutely darling! I can’t until I can knit well enough to do up this pattern – it’s gorgeous! :D Thanks for sharing!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ? * ~

  11. Gina / Mar 1 2012

    It’s so hard living through winters when you love vintage clothing. It’s just too cold to wear what we want. I live in Ohio and for 6 to 7 months out of the year it’s cold! I guess that’s why I have so many vintage coats. hehe Anyway, I loved your Valentines dress and this jumper is stunning. Love all the flowers on it. So pretty.

  12. Tina / Mar 1 2012

    This is ridiculously adorable. Like… fluffy bunnies, cotton candy ridiculously cute.

  13. Kristen / Mar 2 2012

    That is a really pretty design. I love the boatneck and the peplum!

  14. Katie / Mar 3 2012

    Thank you for sharing this! It is darling as is, though I think I will knit it up first without the flowers. I think I would get more wear out of a solid/striped version than the floral. Of course, I love the silhouette enough to give the pattern a try as is. :)

  15. Lindsay / Mar 4 2012

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    I have removed the first left vee

    • Liz / Apr 30 2012

      Excellent! Thanks Lindsay. :)

  16. maria / Mar 5 2012

    I love it!

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