Vintage Bazaar: Winter 2012

After being sick last week, I miraculously felt well enough (or perhaps I was just determined enough) to be able to go to The Vintage Bazaar event in Dank Haus up in Lincoln Square.

The Dank Haus is where I attended the first, ever Vintage Bazaar and it ended up getting soo crowded!  This year I believe there were fewer vendors, more aisle space for walking, and used two floors instead of just one which all made for a very pleasant shopping experience.  I can’t believe it’s been 2 years that I’ve been attending these events!  After each one, I continue to look forward to the next one, which perhaps is why the time seems to have flown by.

Since Felix  and I are able to go to TVB events early to document, and I’m finding myself being a bit more comfortable with my camera in tow, snapping away, instead of following my husband around.  (Yes, at the first event I felt like a stray puppy following him around, uncomfortable, since I’d never covered an actual event before).

But now, I followed him up to the top floor for the event and once the camera’s were out I got lost in taking pictures, starting with his photo (while he’s taking pictures).

I still have a tendency to keep to myself without doing much chatting with the vendors, but every now and I get courageous and strike up a conversation with the sellers.  And in each of these situations I wished I had a little business card with my blog url to share…. Kinda strange, right?  Sometimes it seems easier to hand over a business card in the middle of a crowd than to try and expect people to remember my url of zilredloh.  :)

The first booth I stopped at was BombshellShocked:

While I still feel a bit strange with shopping before the event actually is open for business, I was on more of a mission to document than to shop.  (But as soon as my camera was down, shop I did!)  Niki of Bombshellshocked is wonderful.  I first ran into her a few events ago, but she was so lovely and kind I really couldn’t stop talking to her!  Ever since then I always make it a point to chat and check out her lovely clothes and accessories.  (Not to mention being a facebook friend and is also in my etsy favorites).

She recently acquired a whole stash of AWESOME 40’s hats, and her selection of them at the event did not disappoint.  I came home with only one, but I went back twice more to ogle them all.

Nicole did mention on her facebook page that she’d be posting up some of these hats…

More vintage hats in vintage luggage:

Just a few more hats…

Isn’t that pink rose hat/fascinator amazing?!

Once I pulled myself away I found myself upon another amazing booth of lovelies from Pink Grapefruit Style:

I was pulled in first and foremost by all of these springy pastel colors!

I love how angry the owl looks at the middle left:

I go around taking photos first, then I come back to do my shopping once I’ve taken everything I want to… But it seems that I see more items I like when I’m reviewing the photos back at home.  There’s a tulip vase in the blue bookcase at the bottom I wish I saw when I was in this booth shopping!  It’s so cute.

Pink Grapefruit Style had lots of sewing notions and fabrics…. which I ended up buying (scroll down to the end of the post to see all of my purchases).


I’ve found that I’m always pulled towards Hot House Market for their amazing displays:

Lovely collection of old tins and owls:

Somewhat next to this booth was FoundreFurnishings that has a completely different vibe:

It doesn’t look as happy as Hot House or Pink Grapefruit, but it looked like somewhere I would love to explore and inspect all of the individual items, had I more time.

Skip About Like Lambs booth:

They had an array of items that pulled me in: Clothing, Jewelery, Accessories, Kitchen Linens, etc.

Somewhere in the middle of TVB I found a whole stack of fabric for sale from (which I’m pretty sure is) Open Door Studio:

Those are all wool fabrics, each on sale for $2, regardless of the length!!!  I may have bought some…. :)

Dethrose Vintage‘s Booth:

She always has such lovely garments; I fell in love with this olive green dress at the front.

Jet Set Vintage is also another vendor I seek out who has beautiful wares that I love ogling at:

The colors!

This seems to be the bold color side with the reds, yellows, and whites:

On the upper floor of the event…

First up is Rainy Penguin Vintage:

And right behind was Zzouzi and Persnickety Vintage:

Jewelry & belts on a dessert stand:

I loved the black bow earrings… I just wish they were a bit smaller.


As I was putting my coat on to leave, I ran into Leilani of Thriftaholic.  She was taking photos of purchases that were made by people, and asked me if I’d pose for a photo with my new hat from BombshellShocked.  She’s really sweet and introduced me to Sarah (I believe) of Zzouzi and Maranda of Ms. Persnickety Vintage. herself (yes… that’s right… I’m really bad with remembering names).  Edit: Ms. Persnickety just left a comment so I have confirmation her name is Maranda.  :)

Right before taking my photo Sarah was inspecting my hat and was telling me all about the construction details; she was super knowledgeable and knows her stuff, being into Millinery herself.

(Image from TVB here.)

I learnt my hat is made of rabbits felt (?) and was machine made using good quality wiring, and the bow decoration was hand-stitched on.  I don’t think it’s a high end piece by any means, but an original 1940’s hat for $20 you can go wrong!!  I can’t wait to make something to complement my new hat and try out some victory curls.  :)

I always have such a wonderful time at TBV shopping, but I’m really loving having the extra time at the beginning of the event to take photos & attempting to talk with more vendors.  heh

What I came home with:

I bought this 1 yard piece of cotton fabric from Pink Grapefruit Style along with all of these rolls of seam binding.  What I don’t have a photo of is a gift for my mom for mother’s day that I bought from her too.  (I didn’t photograph it since I don’t want to ruin the surprise).  I’ve never seen seam binding in rolls before, I just couldn’t say ‘no’ to these.

Then I bought these wool fabrics from Open Door Studio (I believe):

In Detail:

The pinkish material on the top is only 1 yard in length, but it’s wide.  So I’m hoping I can pull out a pencil skirt or a bolero with this one.  The burgundy fabric is 2+ yards of a wool mohair for $2!  Such a great buy!  And the patterned fabric is really a cream and deep purple herringbone thick wool coating material.  I don’t think there’s quite enough for an entire coat, but I’m hoping that I can make some kind of outerwear with it.

Open Door had lots of lovely plaids, but I didn’t pop on any of them.  At the time I could only think that I would need enough to make a circle skirt (since I long for a plaid circle skirt) so I decided to pass on them.  I only half-regret not buying them…

And lastly here’s my fab little hat from BombshellShocked:

It’s so hard to photograph black, let alone photographing a hat without a hat stand…  I just hope I can show it off soon; once I make a 40’s outfit to match, of course.

Yay for Vintage Bazaar!  As always, I can’t wait for the next one.  :)

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