40’s Striped Jumper

As promised, this week’s free knitting pattern comes from the Complete Guide to Modern Knitting and Crochet book that I featured last week.

Several of you wanted this pattern, so I had to post it up for you all.

Click on the link to download the free pdf pattern: 40’s Striped Jumper

This is such a sweet little jumper, don’t you agree?  What ‘makes’ this jumper IMO is the little details such as the boat-neck opening and the slight puffed sleeves, along with the lovely model and styling.  Basically everything.  heh

The pattern is as follows:

  • 2.5 inches of navy ribbing
  • 8 rows of turquoise, 1 row navy
  • 8 rows of grey, 1 row navy
  • 8 rows cerise, 1 row navy
    • Yes, I sadly had to look up what the color cerise is; it’s a hot pink. 
  • 8 rows powder blue, 1 row navy
  • 8 rows white, 1 row navy

The gauge for this jumper, using size 3.5mm needles, is 7 sts and 9 rows to an inch.  The yarn listed is simply a 3-ply wool.  Today that would be similar to a fingering weight yarn or a very light sport weight yarn.  If you’ll be knitting this up, make sure you make a gauge swatch with your yarn/needles to ensure you’re getting the correct tension.

For me personally, when I use a fingering weight yarn with size 2 needles I have a gauge of 8 sts and 10 rows per inch.  So if I were to knit this up with a basic fingering weight yarn, using the larger needles I probably would get 7 sts and 9 rows to an inch.  But I’m not certain I’d like the look of that gauge (too airy & holey) so I’d attempt to find a heavier weight fingering or a light sport weight yarn with the size 3.5mm needles (or a size smaller) to get the correct tension.  This way I’d have a less-holey knit stitch, but with the same gauge that was given in the pattern. 

Have I completly confused you all here?  I hope not.  I thought it would be helpful for the beginner knitters out there to follow along with my “knit thoughts”, since this is what I do for every new pattern (vintage or modern).

As always, let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like me to post up. 

And next week I’ll be posting up that sweet little dress I featured last week along with the page on smocking.

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